Step 1

Get into posture

The way you set your body at address really establishes the position that you want to be in for the entire swing. Get into an athletic position with relaxed arms.

Step 2

Move with your core

Involving your core and bigger muscles early on in the swing. This will promote a hands-in, club-out position. We are trying to avoid the club moving past the hands and behind the body.

Step 3

Swing 30% back

Take the club back about 30% of your backswing. In this position, you will hear the SwingSetter ball “click”.

Use these checkpoints to ensure a proper position:

  • Swingsetter clicks
  • Left-arm across body
  • Hands in, club out
  • You can see half red, half black on the SwingSetter balls

Congrats, you’re in a good position! Rotate to the top and your backswing is complete.


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