Golfzon Leadbetter Academy – World Headquarters at Reunion

Welcome Golfzon Leadbetter Academy, the world headquarters for the Leadbetter Academies! As the crown jewel of our many golf academies worldwide, Golfzon Leadbetter Academy offers the very finest learning and practice facilities to help students build a lifelong game.


The Academy

David Leadbetter and the Golfzon Leadbetter Academy has been synonymous with world-class instruction for nearly 40 years, developing 26 Major winners and 7 World number 1 players, many of whom trained and perfected their skills at its Academy Headquarters in Central Florida. Since 2018, under the Golfzon Group, Golfzon Leadbetter has further expanded its operation to 36 academy locations in 15 countries and as well as developing new technology to make golf easier to learn.

Golfzon Leadbetter Academy proud to provide the world’s finest instruction at a location that was hand-selected and designed by David Leadbetter himself to give his students the ultimate learning experience. As you approach the Academy, you’ll notice the spacious four-acre practice area designed to accommodate groups of all sizes. With a private driving range, two putting greens (16,000+ sq ft), two chipping greens (8,000+ sq ft) and a 100-yard pitching area with 13 target bunkers, each and every student will be able to develop and perfect all aspects of their golf game.

When you enter the Academy, you will be warmly greeted by a member of the staff in our pro shop, with David’s various books, training aids, Callaway equipment, Payntr shoes, Therabody products, and an assortment of apparel available for purchase to help you look and play your best. Inside the Academy, you will also find seven state-of-the-art video rooms, indoor/outdoor hitting bay, a biomechanics and golf performance studio, a strength, flexibility and fitness studio, an Odyssey putting studio with SAM PuttLab and PuttView technology, and a full-service Callaway fitting and repair shop.


Adult golf instruction
  • TourPrep: Our tour-level training program, TourPrep is for players seeking holistic development in a high-performance training environment.
  • Schools: Short game and full swing schools are open instruction sessions for groups of 4-6.
  • Clinics: Clinics are open instruction sessions for groups of 4-10 that typically focus on one aspect of the game and last around 90 minutes.
  • Retreats: Retreats are private, all-inclusive experiences for individuals or groups of 2-4.
  • Lessons: Private sessions tailored to each student’s needs, with discounts available for couples and small groups.
Junior golf programs
  • Junior Golf Academy: The full-time program at the Academy provides both boarding and non-boarding options for its students that feature a dynamic schedule of education, golf instruction, fitness and social learning.
  • Player Development Program: PDP is our training program for players seeking an all-encompassing, holistic development plan set in a high-performance training environment.
  • Junior Golf Camps: David Leadbetter’s Instructors and performance staff are delighted to offer juniors between 10-18 years old unforgettable camp experiences.
Additional services
  • Custom Club Fitting: The Fitting Lab is Leadbetter’s custom club fitting center hub featuring the latest in golf equipment and testing technology. Our indoor/outdoor facility provides clients with the ability to see ball flight, club and ball data simultaneously. Additionally, we utilize our indoor SAM Putt Lab and Putt View systems to provide the most comprehensive putter fitting.
  • Fitness & Performance: All Fitness & Performance programs begin with an extensive screening to identify any weaknesses, imbalances and misalignments. A personalized program is then built for you, aimed at correcting any issues found and increasing strength, stability and mobility throughout the body.
  • Golf Psychology: Golf is a game played between the ears, so develop the psychological characteristics of excellence and maximize your on-course performance by booking a session with Sports Psychologist Dr. Bob Winters or Leadbetter Mental Performance Coach Iain Highfield.
  • Corporate Events: “Get Your A Game On” teaches communication, leadership and team-building as well as the fundamentals of the golf swing. This program will energize your business, provide management with insights into their employees and deliver a roadmap for continued growth.


Reunion Resort

Situated on more than 2,300 pristine acres, Reunion Resort and Golf Club has been consistently recognized for providing a premiere golf experience in Central Florida since 2005. It is the only resort in the world to feature three championship, signature golf courses designed by golfing legends Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson. And now, Reunion Resort is adding another golf name to its long heritage of legends, David Leadbetter.