Golfzon Leadbetter Associate Golf Instructor Certification

As a participant, you gain access to a range of resources, including instructional videos, teaching materials, and support from our world-class instructors. Completing the Online Associate Golf Instructor Program from Golfzon Leadbetter can give you recognition and credibility within the golf industry. You’ll become part of our network of instructors, which can open up opportunities for collaboration, job placements, and career advancement.

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  • Prepare to teach, and conduct a professional teaching business.

  • Film students correctly and use the latest teaching technology to enhance your students performance.

  • Diagnoses ball flight, and relate it to the Impact Laws.

  • Break a swing up into components providing a diagnoses and solution system in your lessons.

  • Structure lessons that provide consistency to your students and your teaching style.

  • The keys of the best teachers, and what has made them successful over the years.

  • Put together lesson summaries with case study access for learning.

  • Use the latest 3D AI technology, with access to use the technology in your learning

  • The mechanics of Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play, and Putting, with strategies of how to improve performance.

  • Be a better coach with one on one mentorship throughout your certification journey.

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Hear From Our Certified Instructors

"The online associate certification was a great learning experience. The Golfzon Leadbetter website as well as the mobile application was easy to access, and all the learning material was presented clearly. The assignments are designed to gain a thorough understanding of the subject and help to remember the concepts better."
Sidhartha Sharathram Leadbetter Certified Associate Instructor
"The course content is expertly designed, covering a broad spectrum of topics that are essential for any aspiring golf instructor. From the fundamentals of golf swing mechanics to advanced teaching techniques, the curriculum leaves no stone unturned. Each module is well-structured and accompanied by high-quality videos, interactive quizzes, and supplementary resources."
Sean Mitchell Leadbetter Certified Associate Instructor

Become A Kids Certified Golf Instructor

Unlock your potential as a certified kids golf instructor and shape the next generation of golfers. Gain the knowledge, skills, and expertise to teach young players the fundamentals of golf with our comprehensive certification program.

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Become An Advanced Certified Golf Instructor

As a Leadbetter certified instructor, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of your students. By sharing your knowledge, expertise, and passion for golf, you can help players of all skill levels improve their game, achieve their goals, and develop a lifelong love for the sport.

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Please complete the application form below.  Once we have received your application a member of our educational team will contact you with further information about our certifications, and offer to schedule a call with you to discuss your personal needs, and answer any questions you may have. 

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Your Golfzon Leadbetter Mentors:

Robin Symes

Master Instructor & Academy Global Director

Paul Dyer

Master Instructor

Stephen Moriarty

Senior Instructor

David Norquay

Senior Instructor

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