Leadbetter Partners with EGF


CHAMPIONSGATE, FL, October 8, 2021 – Golfzon Leadbetter is excited to announce its partnership with the Egyptian Golf Federation. Through a shared vision of growing the game of golf in Egypt, Golfzon Leadbetter and the Egyptian Golf Federation (EGF) aim to produce the highest level of instructor training and programs in the country through David Leadbetter’s holistic approach to instruction that has proved successful over the past three decades. 

Leadbetter Instructors and EGF National Coaches will join forces to establish a strong network of Leadbetter Instructors within Egypt through Leadbetter’s holistic Instructor certification program. This remote program will be facilitated by Leadbetter’s Instructors and performance staff, alongside resources from the Golfzon Leadbetter University platform, which provides instructors a vast, holistic library of materials covering every aspect of golf instruction. Coaches will be delivering a highly personalized training program for elite juniors within Egypt. This dual approach of growing highly-skilled national coaches while simultaneously fostering local talent, all guided by one consistent voice, is what will allow Egypt to become one of the most successful developing golf nations in the years to come. 

“We are proud to further our global reach in golf instruction with the addition of the Egyptian Golf Federation. With the ability to communicate and train coaches online we are proud to use our years of expertise to train coaches and provide grassroots and high-performance programs to drastically encourage participation. There is no doubt that the game of golf in Egypt will produce successful instructors who will go on to teach many of Egypt’s future golf stars, consequently putting Egypt on the map as an emerging golf destination,” said Benedict Riches, CEO of Golfzon Leadbetter. 

“The Board approved unanimously the partnership with Golfzon Leadbetter University to support us in taking us to the next level. David is one of the most successful coaches in the world and creating a learning environment with the team at Leadbetter will enable us to build and sustain golf development programs at all levels, especially with juniors and within schools and universities,” said EGF’s Board of Directors of the transformative partnership. 

“Partnering with the Egyptian Golf Federation is another step in the right direction for expanding golf’s presence worldwide. With additional skills and knowledge to help develop participation in our sport, I am confident this partnership will result in a thriving new industry for Egypt”

David Leadbetter

“The goal of our Leadbetter Instructor certification program and Golfzon Leadbetter University has been to educate and train incredible instructors worldwide. We have always believed that instructors hold the key to greater participation in the game. If we have more skilled instructors, we will be able to educate, engage, and introduce many more people to this wonderful game. Partnering with the Egyptian Golf Federation is another step in the right direction for expanding golf’s presence worldwide. With additional skills and knowledge to help develop participation in our sport, I am confident this partnership will result in a thriving new industry for Egypt,” said David Leadbetter, founder of Leadbetter Golf Academies. 

about golf and sport in egypt

Golf has deep roots in Egypt with the first courses possibly being the oldest in Africa built in the late 19th Century. In the 1950s legends such as Gary Player and Bobby Loche began their international careers in Egypt. And Egypt was well represented in this era in the World Cup of Golf. Recently, Egypt has enjoyed success in other sports with the Squash world top 10 rankings dominated with Egyptians in the Men’s and Ladies rankings. Football as in most countries is the national sport and with recent idols created in the form of Mohamed Salah, the countries fever for football and sports has been further ignited. 

Golf in Egypt is making its return and gaining in popularity in Egypt, and with success at Arab and African level in recent years, the new crop of Egyptian Golfers is beginning to make their mark. Issa Abou El Ela Egypt has, it’s the first touring professional in four decades, and this is a result of the commitment of the EGF to player development over the last decade. 

about Egyptian golf federation

The Egypt Golf Federation (EGF) is a non-profit organization and is affiliated to the R&A, the Governing Body for Amateur World Golf as well as a national member of the Arab Golf Federation. As the governing body for Golf in Egypt, the EGF is responsible for: 

  • Developing and expanding Patronage of the Sport 
  • Organizing and Monitoring National and International Tournaments
  • Liaison and development of golf with International Golf Associations and Federations 

The EGF is already central in several high-profile initiatives including: 

  •  National Junior Development Programs 
  •  National Grass Roots Development 
  •  National Coaching structure for national teams and player development 
  •  Junior Series of events in association with the R&A to create community and give both juniors and parents transparent and tangible player progress 

With close ties to the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Sport, the EGF is also committed to its role in promoting Egypt as a Golf Destination. Events such as the Egyptian Open and other international professional and amateur events support in showcasing Egypt as an oasis for golf tourism. 

Learn more about the Egyptian Golf Federation here