Reunion Members

Reunion Resort’s 3 premiere golf courses were built on the vision of legends. So were we. Founded by David Leadbetter, our golf academy offers unparalleled golf instruction from the world’s leading instructors. All from the comfort of your own club.

Lesson Pricing

Lessons are private sessions tailored to your exact needs and goals for your golf game. Our expert instructor’s mission is to help you play better golf.

Reunion MembersSenior InstructorMaster InstructorSean Hogan
12 private lessons$2,550$3,010$3,575
24 private lessons$4,950$5,840$6,950
36 private lessons$7,200$8,500$10,075
Unlimited 30-minute lessons$14,825$17,485$20,750
2 half-days group - Per person$900$1,065$1,261
3 Half-days group - Per person$1,308$1,543$1,826

** 12, 24, and 36 lesson packages are 1 hour lessons, ** Lesson packages expire 1 year from purchase date, ** Unlimited 30 minute lessons, M-F 9am-1pm (1 per day)


Other Offerings

– Playing Lessons

– Weekly Clinics

– Seasonal Specials

– Golf Fitness

– Club Fitting

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