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AT GOLFZON LEADBETTER – Experience of a lifetime

We are delighted to announce that Jean-Jacques Rivet will be visiting us at our Golfzon Leadbetter HQ at Reunion Resort and Golf Club.

During his visit, JJ Rivet will be available for private lesson booking for dates between January 24th & February 4th, 2023.

In these sessions with JJ, students will receive instruction at our cutting-edge golf instruction facility featuring the latest in technologies and other tools made to help improve faster. Experience in-depth golf instruction specially catered to the individual player. Take a look at the steps JJ takes to help you improve your swing:

  • Step 1 – Physical Assessment – Understanding each player’s movement capabilities
  • Step 2 – Swing Assessment – Swing analysis with 3D, Biomecaforce, 4D Motion and Trackman.
  • Step 3 – Physiological Solution – Providing solutions for physical weaknesses to generate speed or create a consistent swing.
  • Step 4 – Swing Biomechanics Solutions – Focusing on improving: Ground Reaction Force, Release, Coiling, Explosiveness, and Synchronization to achieve the session’s objective.

Discounted rates on golf and hotel stays at Reunion Resort and Golf Club are available; enquire upon booking.


To visit JJ Rivet’s website click here.


$440 PER HR

Book your session today:
info@leadbetter.com | +1 (407) 787-3330

AT GOLFZONLEADBETTER HQ – Jan 30th & 31st – Join JJ Rivet and Sean Hogan in an experience of in-depth instruction.

The Leadbetter team at Reunion resort is delighted to announce Jean-Jacques Rivet will be co-hosting a special once-in-a-lifetime 2-days retreat at the Golfzon Leadbetter World headquarters with master instructor Sean Hogan on January 30th and 31st, 2023. During Rivet’s time at Leadbetter HQ and specifically, throughout this 2-day retreat, you will be able to enjoy having your game biomechanically analyzed and receive specially tailored instruction that will help take you to the next level.


Private Retreats are also available. Contact us for more details. 

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info@leadbetter.com | +1 (407) 787-3330


AT GOLFZON LEADBETTER HQ – Stabilize your swing, Achieve better results.

The Swing Stabilizing Program was developed in conjunction with SIDAS, with one clear objective to swing in shoes that fit you, to allow for correct posture and proper motion.  Put simply, with better foot grounding, you will achieve better results.

JJ Rivet will be available for private lesson booking for dates between January 24th & February 4th, 2023


$340 (includes 1 pair of insoles) / Extra pair of insoles $180; contact us for additional details

Duration: 40 minutes

Book your session today:
info@leadbetter.com | +1 (407) 787-3330

David Leadbetter & JJ Rivet Masterclass


Experience a coaching session that, for the most part, has only been available to the world’s top Professionals players. David Leadbetter and Jean Jacques Rivet (better known as JJ) will team up for a day school to help you understand your swing like never before.


JANUARY 28th – 8:30AM to 2PM

8:30AM – Welcome, and tour the facility

8:45AM – Warm up on the private lesson area

9AM – Meet David and JJ

9:15AM – JJ’s Screening and data collection / Club Evaluation

    • Biomecaswing screening – Understanding the individuality of how your body moves and what swing fits you.
    • Force plate Analysis – Use the latest in Force plate technology to evaluate the efficiency of your swing.
    • Club evaluation – Ensuring your equipment matches your bodies and swing characteristics.

11AM – David’s Analysis

Using data collected by JJ combined with Video and Launch-Monitor students will experience the famous Leadbetter analysis! David will identify the critical areas of improvement with tailored instruction for each individual.

12:30PM – Lunch with David and JJ

2PM – Make the change

Individualized drills and exercises – David working with JJ, will help each student create a more efficient swing that maximizes power while maintaining consistency.



– A Leadbetter Training Glove
– A Leadbetter hat
– Personal training space on “CoachNow” with a summary video and training plan.


$6500 PER PERSON / Minimum of 2 players

This one-off all-inclusive day school will be in a private setting for groups of 2-4.
Book your session today:
info@leadbetter.com | +1 (407) 787-3330