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Our Associate + program offers you the ability to become an online coach together with the Leadbetter and CoachNow families. You will have access to the tools you need to create a sustainable online coaching business along with world-class training in golf instruction that will ensure you can confidently deliver lessons to students of all levels.

$1,700 – Leadbetter Associate Certification & CoachNow Level 1

Golfzon Leadbetter University

  • Instructors will earn a Leadbetter Associate certification (7-week training program)
  • Includes an estimated 26 hours of text- and video-based learning and provides everything needed to begin your coaching journey
  • Personality profiling, lesson structure, communication, Leadbetter philosophy, faults & fixes, case studies, teaching with tech, player development
  • Dedicated space in Golfzon Leadbetter app to network and connect with worldwide instructors
  • Discounts on Golfzon Leadbetter partner products


Level 1 of the 6 figure ConnectedCoach Blueprint

  • The exact $100k/year coaching less than 20 hours per week Blueprint
  • How to save time and deliver massive value using Micro-Touch Points
  • Stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal customers
  • How to systematically sell high-ticket coaching offers 24/7
  • How to leverage ConnectedCoach tech like a pro

6 months of free premium access to CoachNow+

  • Capture, track, and collaborate using any media type
  • Built-in analysis empowers detailed feedback
  • Store and re-use drills/models in your cloud library
  • Save time and automate with templates and lists

Build a Brighter Future!

Build a brighter future for yourself while inspiring new golfers and protecting the future of the game. Come join the family!

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GLU Instructors

David Leadbetter

Founder, Master Instructor

Sean Hogan

Master Instructor

Robin Symes

Master Instructor

Topics Covered

LGA Overview

Who is David Leadbetter, and what is the Leadbetter Golf Academy? This section provides a brief glimpse into our mission, vision and values to give you a clearer picture of the organization you’ll be joining as a Leadbetter Associate.

Lesson Structure & Client Communication

In this section we break down the structure of a great lesson, from understanding clients and the keys of good communication to objective and goal-setting strategies.

The Golf Swing

From a breakdown of the 3 Ps to a drill library to help your students ingrain the fundamentals, this section delves deep into Leadbetter swing philosophies with a special emphasis on the contents of David’s bestselling “The Golf Swing” and “The A Swing” books (full copies of both books are provided).

Faults & Fixes

In this section, we examine the various laws that govern ball flight. Video lessons with Lydia Ko and a variety of amateur golfers are included, along with access to David’s “Faults & Fixes” and “Lessons from the Golf Greats” books.

Player Development

An in-depth primer on the psychological characteristics of developing excellence and the various phases of development, the pros and cons of indoor vs. outdoor training, the nuances of coaching junior golfers and more.

Teaching with Technology

From simulators and GPS ball tracking to automatic statistics, 3D and 4D mapping, ultrasound putting machines and more, golf technology has exploded in the past decade. In this section, we break down what you need to know to get the most out of these recent advances… and what you don’t!

The Short Game

David Leadbetter and Leadbetter Instructor of the Year Robin Symes walk you through how they approach coaching the short game, from chipping and pitching to sand play and putting.

Build a Brighter Future!

Build a brighter future for yourself while inspiring new golfers and protecting the future of the game. Come join the family!

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“People skills, self-awareness and the ability to put yourself in children’s shoes are necessities for every level of teaching. Leadbetter Kids Certification not only taught me how to become a better coach, but also how to set a better example for kids.”
Tisha Alyn Golf Media Personality
“I fully recommend the GLU Certification programs for anyone looking to enhance their coaching skillset and business acumen. The more coaches doing this certification, the more people will be golfing for generations to come.”
Joe Feather Leadbetter Senior Instructor
“After four months spent working through study and assessments, I’m delighted to earn a Leadbetter Kids Certification and join this great organization. Thanks for all the support from Gavin Grenville-Wood, you’ve been a fantastic guide along the way.”
Roger Shutt Leadbetter Kids Coach
“After 6 months of hard work and constant learning, I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a Leadbetter Instructor. Many thanks to Stuart and the rest of the Leadbetter team for the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.”
Jose Rolz Leadbetter Instructor