3 Ways A Golfer Could Benefit From Using CBD

There is no question that the game today is a power game–especially at the tour level. Length is a big, big factor. Technology has changed in equipment–balls and clubs. But the individual athlete has really changed as well. We can see that players are really working hard on their physique and fitness, injury prevention, many of the tour players travel with trainers now. Players are working out harder than ever week in and week out and that puts a big toll on your body. Whether it’s a professional tournament week for the pros or a casual 9 holes with friends, for ordinary everyday golfers there is no better time to start incorporating an activation and recovery session in order to play better golf. Incorporating a consistent warm-up and recovery program not only helps your golf game but will improve your overall fitness and well-being.  

Tour professionals are always looking for that extra edge to allow them to recover quicker and also to bounce back from injuries. CBD has been a recent product that PGA Tour players have embraced to improve performance. What the tour players do normally filters down to the casual golfer. Personally, I really like the TheraOne CBD product line because I am always looking for products that are all-natural and, in this case, organic.

1. Activation

Just like using the Theragun to release tension and stiffness in your muscles, you will benefit by using TheraOne Activate CBD lotion. It will warm up the muscles, getting you ready for your round of golf.

2. Post-Round Recovery

One of the most important areas that is often overlooked by golfers is post-round recovery. Playing 18 holes can be stressful on the body (especially if you’re hitting a lot of shots!) Using TheraOne Recover after your round can help with soreness and provide a faster recovery.

3. Better Sleep

The ultimate way for your body to recover, especially if you’re playing the next day, is through better sleep. Using TheraOne Sleep just before bed can promote a more restful sleep pattern whereby you will wake up fresh and ready to go.

There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD, which largely have been debunked. Personally, I trust the products from our partners at Therabody which are completely natural and organic. Their recently released line of CBD products, TheraOne, will help you to play better and feel better.