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The Leadbetter Golf University – Q&A

What is Leadbetter University?

Leadbetter University is an online learning platform that uses the latest interactive training techniques to educate and train golf coaches across wide range of subjects related to the game. Courses vary in length from 10 hours to 30 hours of study, all of which can be completed online in the coaches own time. Regular assessments throughout each course ensure comprehension prior to completion.


Combining years of teachings into one, powerful online tool to help you become the best golf instructor you can be, in no time at all using our FREE, bite-sized and specialized courses.


What courses are available?

Leadbetter University offers courses in 4 areas: Further courses are in development and will be launched in the coming months.


  • Evolution of the Golf Swing – David Leadbetter & Sean Hogan
  • Leadbetter Certification – Leadbetter Golf Academy
  • Leadbetter Kids Certification – Leadbetter Golf Academy




  • Youth Development – Dr. Martin Toms
  • How to coach children with learning disabilities – Els for Autism


How can I sign up to take the courses and how much does it cost?

All courses are available at: https://university.leadbetter.com/.

Some courses will be made available for free. Paid courses start from $199. Enrollment for Leadbetter University courses is now open!


What do I get for completing a course?

Leadbetter University badge and certificate is awarded to successful completion of a course.

Online seminars with the course author will be available. Should a coach fail to complete or comprehend a section of the course, support is available from Leadbetter University teachers as well from the course author.


What prior knowledge do I need to take a course?

Courses will available for new coaches with little previous experience teaching to learn the fundamentals of instruction. As a coach progresses more complex theories and practices will be taught through advanced courses.

The Leadbetter Golf Academy Instructor Certification is also available through Leadbetter University on an application only basis. This is a nine-month comprehensive training course that also requires in-person education.