Byeong-Hun An Crushes 347yd drive to Win PGA Championship Long Drive Contest

Just before players took to the first tee for the 2016 PGA Championship, they took to the first tee for the traditional PGA Championship Long Drive Contest. Obvious contenders year after year like Rory Mcilroy and Bubba Watson brought the crowds, but A-Swinger Byeong-Hun “Ben” An took home the gold money clip.

Here’s what coach David Leadbetter had to say about Ben’s performance:

“The A-Swing is basically geared to get golfers hitting the ball more consistently, therefore straighter. However, because its a more efficient way of swinging the club, alot of additional power is typically transferred to the ball.

Byeong Hun “Ben” An, one of my star pupils, has been working on the A-Swing approach for close to 3 years and is currently in the top 30 in the World Golf Rankings. His simple swing, back on a steep swing plane and returning to the ball on a shallower, flatter plane, has enabled him to dramatically improve his consistency while also increasing power. I also find it interesting that Phil Mickelson has been working on the same ideas on his swing, he says it is the best he has hit it in years!

This power factor was shown when Ben won the annual long drive contest conducted at the PGA Championship last week. He hit a colossal 347 yards to just past Rory McIlroy’s 345. Unfortunately Ben missed the cut, as did Rory, but expect Ben to have a strong finish to the year. He’s a highly talented player whom I expect big things from.

Next big event for Ben is the Olympics in Rio – it really has a special meaning for Ben as his parents happened to be Olympic medalists in Table Tennis.

So if you want to play better golf, hit it longer, straighter and more consistently no matter your age, give it a try. Not saying you’ll hit drives past Ben An, but whether you’re a 3 handicap or a 30 handicap, it’s the easiest, most natural way to swing the club.”