David Leadbetter Announces Partnership with RunGolf, China’s Leader in Indoor Golf

At the 2016 Beijing Golf Show, two of the top global golf brand officially announced that they’ll be joining forces with the goal of continuing to grow the game of golf in China. The partnership will merge the technology and resources that RunGolf has developed, with the worldwide authority in golf instruction that is associated with the Leadbetter Brand. Over the coming months, the two brands will team up to develop high-quality golf instruction in RunGolf’s rapidly growing base of indoor golf academies.

Leadbetter is no stranger to Chinese golf, as he teaches a number of talented Chinese golfers. The three Leadbetter Golf Academies in Shenzen are run by his son Andy and David Norquay, and together they have produced over 20 of the top Chinese players. David also personally coaches Chinese Web.com Tour Player Charles Wang and LPGA Q-School winner Simin Feng. Simin and Charles both are models for The A Swing, and are destined to reach the top of the game.


“We’re very proud to partner with RunGolf, as their business model provides opportunities for more people to play and more locations for golf coaches to teach,” Leadbetter explained in a press conference. “Their simulators have great features to help coaches, such video replays, data captures, and tracking players’ progress online.” 

David Leadbetter and RunGolf share the same overall goal: growing golf and making it more fun for people to learn. Two main initiatives were included in the partnership announcement, the first being an exclusive series of online coaching videos and practice competitions only available through RunGolf simulators. The second being training and educating Chinese golf coaches who own and operate RunGolf Simulators.

David’s always believed that one of the best places to learn the golf swing is indoors. Without the pressure of playing on a golf course the golfer can focus solely on technique and not be over concerned with results. That’s why we are so excited to partner with RunGolf. Their simulators create an environment designed for learning. Instant video replays, swing analysis and progressive game dynamics all instantly connected through their database, means that we can really support the development of Chinese golfers in a cost effective way.

“Our mission is simple: to make it simpler for people to learn golf”, Leadbetter added. “With The A Swing, we plan to help grow golf all around the world, especially in juniors. China is a very important market for us because there is so much potential for growth. We know China has some difficulties with courses closing, but people still have such a passion to go out and play. We look forward to making our partnership with RunGolf a huge success and we have a lot of respect for the work Mr. He and Mr. Liu are doing to help grow the game.” 

Leadbetter was also interviewed by members of the Chinese sports media during the Beijing Golf Show:

In what ways will David Leadbetter Golf partner with Rungolf?

“David Leadbetter Golf and RunGolf have a united mission to develop golf in China, through creating opportunities for both golfers and teachers to learn. We plan to do this in two ways. Firstly, using RG’s connected simulators, we will develop a series of exclusive training courses and practice competitions for RG customers to improve their technique and develop a fundamental set of golf skills. This will include a special course to learn the A-Swing, junior programs and the ability to be remotely taught by Leadbetter coaches and even David himself. This wouldn’t be possible without RG’s system that instantly stores golfers’ swings and data.

Secondly, we will develop a series of training and certification programs for Chinese golf instructors, who own RG simulators, so that they can develop their own teaching skills. There is currently a disparity in the level of Chinese instruction that DLG hopes to reduce by creating a structured certification and development program.”

What is your opinion about Chinese Golf in the future?

“Following a period of growth in golf, there are a number of well-publicized problems that face the sport’s continued development in China. RG’s commitment to providing simulators for free to Chinese golf professionals is a great initiative and should stimulate a new wave of interest and opportunities for people to play and learn golf. RG are providing the opportunity by reducing cost and access. We believe at DLG, that we have the solution to teaching the game more simply and effectively through the A-Swing. If we can help instructors to teach better and golfers to learn more quickly there is a great future ahead of golf in China. With golf back in the Olympic Games and renewed interest, there is no reason why the future stars of world golf can’t originate from an RG simulator.”

The video clip (Chinese/English) from the official announcement can be found here: http://sports.letv.com/video/24800910.html