David Leadbetter Announces Partnership with UK-based Royal Albartross

David Leadbetter has always counted himself as a fan of the luxury footwear and leather accessory brand Royal Albartross, and he will soon make his admiration official. In the next few days, the golf legend will become the official ambassador of the high-end leather goods brand.

“We aim to offer golfers something truly unique, different than anything currently in the marketplace. We are proud to be recognized by of one of the top golf coaches in the world, who has always had an appreciation for our quality, handcrafted golf shoes,” said Alex Bartholomew, CEO of Royal Albartross.

Leadbetter’s relationship with Royal Albartross began in 2015, when he became a loyal customer after trying on his first pair. Ever since that day, Lead’s signature Club Brogues have been a staple of his golf attire, often walking practice rounds with his Tour professionals around the world.

“Partnering with Royal Albartross really just seems like a natural fit, as I’ve already been a loyal customer for so long,” Leadbetter said. “Given the amount of time I spend on my feet whether it be coaching or walking 18 holes with my players, I can honestly say that Royal Albartross’ shoes are the best I’ve ever worn. I get compliments on the look of them quite often as well.”

In addition to Leadbetter, the top coaches at Leadbetter’s Golf Academies in various locations around the world, including LGA Director of Instruction Sean Hogan, will join him in spreading the word about this fashion-forward golf shoe line.

“I hope to give back to fellow customers by helping them to take their skills to the next level out on the course, and through our global network of academies, I aim to bring the unmatched quality and comfort of Royal Albartross shoes to our clientele worldwide.”

As part of the partnership, with every order, Royal Albartross customers can unlock free access to the coach’s online academy, along with tips to help them to improve their golf game.

The partnership announcement is coupled with the launch of the much-anticipated Royal Albartross Supernova Collection, which feature a full-grain leather uppers and high-end Vibram® soles. The latest collection aligns with the brand’s commitment to high-end style, comfort, and handcrafted quality, with a twist of modern design to liven up the often-staid world of golf apparel.