David Leadbetter committed to growing golf in China with opening of new Leadbetter Golf Academy in Beijing

World-renowned golf coach David Leadbetter officially opened The Leadbetter Golf Academy (LGA) Beijing. Located at the prestigious Bay Club in the heart of Beijing, Leadbetter unveiled the state-of-the-art training facility alongside owner Zhu Rong Xing. Leadbetter pledged his commitment to supporting the growth of golf in China with a specific focus on providing high quality coaching to juniors.

“I’m proud to continue developing golf around the world and especially in China. Through the network of Leadbetter Golf Academies, including our latest facility at the Bay Club in Beijing, and our academies in Shenzhen, we hope to provide a solid platform for Chinese golfers of all ages and abilities to improve. I take great pride in seeing young players from China taking up the game and going on to have success at the highest level. It all comes down to teaching children sound fundamentals and learning to enjoy the game.” – David Leadbetter

Zhu Rong Xing has ambitious plans for LGA Beijing and is proud to bring world-class coaching to Beijing.

“David has personally taught my two daughters in Florida for the last couple of years and I’ve seen the impact it has had on their development. David and his coaches are helping them to realize their potential. I wanted to offer that same level of instruction here in Beijing at the Bay Club. We have invested in providing our students the latest technology and training facilities with Leadbetter’s world-class instruction. Our goal is to help all golfers improve but especially to develop the next generation of elite Chinese golfers.” – Zhu Rong Xing, LGA Beijing Owner

The Leadbetter Golf Academy network now spans over 30 locations in 14 countries having recently opened in India, Bangladesh and Thailand and includes over 60 fully certified Leadbetter Instructors. Leadbetter credits his success to the comprehensive certification program his instructors undertake.

“We place a great importance on providing Leadbetter Certified Instructors with the highest level of education across all aspects of the swing including technical, mental and physical to ensure the coaching they deliver is unmatched. I’ve personally spent time training the coaching team at LGA Beijing and I look forward to continuing their development.”- David Leadbetter

LGA Beijing will be lead by one of Leadbetter’s most experienced instructors Paul Aitken from England and former PGA Tour player Larry Degenhart from the USA.

“I’m extremely excited at the opportunity to bring the Leadbetter philosophy to this fabulous facility here at Bay Club. With the quality of the facilities combined with the desire of the Chinese golfers to learn and invest in quality golf instruction, we look forward to a long and successful collaboration in Beijing.” – Paul Aitken, LGA Beijing, Director of Instruction




Founded in 2011, the Bay Club is widely known for being a premier golf destination in Beijing, China. The 31,000 sq. ft. club offers an expansive 58-bay outdoor driving range and over 30 indoor golf simulator rooms. The Leadbetter Golf Academy offers state-of-the-art performance equipment designed to improve the physical aspects of the golf swing.



He is regarded as the world’s premiere golf instructor, PGA Hall of Fame Professional, Golf Digest Teaching Professional and regular contributor to the Golf Channel. His clientele include 22 Major champions; seven players who have held 1st place in the Official World Golf Ranking along with many more of the world’s very best and most famous golfers. He is also the author of seven golf instruction books, making him the world’s top author of golf instruction books with well over two million copies sold. He has written and produced a number of instructional golf DVDs, as well as written and co-produced over 40 television programs. The Leadbetter brand of golf instruction products and services spans the globe and continues to impact the game of golf worldwide.



The global network of the 32 Leadbetter Golf Academies spans 14 countries, and includes over 60 highly trained certified instructors. The network of academies delivers over 40,000 golf lessons per year, as well as corporate events and elite junior training. The world-class instruction and unique programming at Leadbetter Golf Academies has helped thousands of everyday players build lifelong games as well as produced multiple Major champions and top 25 players on all Tours.

LGA Beijing – Interview with David Leadbetter

May 1, 2017


  1. What is the benefit of Leadbetter golf instruction?

I have always believed in a holistic approach to teaching golf that covers technique, mental training, on-course strategy and physical movement. My philosophy hasn’t changed much over the years, I have always believed golfers are athletes first and taught the correct use of the body to lead the golf swing. The A-Swing, which I spent years researching and developing, takes that a step further and provides a clear, simple approach on how to synchronize the body with the arms and club. There is a lot of instruction available these days, most of it contradictory and confusing. At the Leadbetter Golf Academy we keep things simple and give every golfer a clear plan for their development.

  1. Is it true that the A-Swing does more to help amateurs or beginners, rather than the experienced golfers?

It is certainly true that the A Swing cures most of the common swing faults we see in amateurs and in a short amount of time. Using the A Swing we can get a mid or high handicap golfer to cure their slice and start hitting a draw just by simplifying their swing and getting their body and arms to work in sync. That’s really the key to the A Swing and why it works for every level of player. We have proven results from Tour players, right the way down to complete beginners. The A Swing is a new approach to teaching rather than a method so there are personal variances that allow every level of player to benefit, regardless of their age or ability.

  1. Why did you choose to open an Academy at the Bay Club in Beijing?

We’ve had a lot of success at our Leadbetter Golf Academies in Shenzhen and have been looking to expand to other areas in China where we feel our coaching can make a difference. There is a lot of potential in Beijing and The Bay Club provides the ideal location with a mix of indoor and outdoor practice areas, and the latest technology including RG simulators. We are lucky to have a great partner in Zhu Rong Xing. He’s very ambitious and we share a common goal of wanting to develop the next generation of talented young golfers from Beijing.

  1. What advice would you give to young golfers and their parents?

The most important thing to do is learn the basic fundamentals skills at an early age. That’s what our coaches at LGA Beijing do so well. They make sure juniors have a solid foundation to build on. Golf should be fun so we encourage parents to be supportive but not put too much pressure on their children. Only a very small number can become professional Tour players but they can all learn important lessons in life from golf.

  1. What are the different coaching programs available at LGA Beijing?

We offer programs to suit every level of golfer, old or young, male or female, from aspiring Tour players to complete beginners. We start at a very young age with our Leadbetter Kids program, which teaches golf, fitness and life skills. We hope to encourage a lot of children to start playing golf. From there children enter our Junior Leadbetter Coaching programs available at LGA Beijing, which will include a series of junior tournaments. LGA Beijing also offers a direct link to our full-time Leadbetter Junior Academy in Orlando, Florida where we help players turn professional or attend US colleges.