European Tour Player Scott Jamieson Gets Taught The A Swing


Last week, European Tour player Scott Jamieson made a trip to ChampionsGate to get the low-down on The A Swing.  Scott mentioned that although he has success on tour including a win at the  2012 Nelson Mandela Championship, he still struggled for consistency from time to time.

He said that he had read the book, and really like the concept of The A Swing: simple, efficient, repeatable.

After I got to further explain the A-Swing approach and had him doing a few drills, he said he completely understood the concept of it and he felt that it was indeed what he was looking for. Although the majority of the shots he hit during our session were solid and well-struck, I could see a little inconsistency in the swing.



Scott Jamieson and David Leadbetter


Let me also remind you that I DO believe in quick fixes, but PERMANENT quick fixes. There is definitely a difference between the two, and not understanding that difference has created many headaches and frustration in the game of golf over the years.

I can honestly say that after only an hour of working with Scott, I could see an immediate difference – starting with a shorter, more compact backswing. He had more feeling of his body and less emphasis on the hands through impact. If that’s not a testament to The A Swing, I don’t know what is – after only an hour, there was a very noticeable difference on video. Sure, Scott has a period where he has to instill the feeling to where it feels like a natural movement, but I can say it was all positive to follow his progress as he spent the week at Champions Gate working on it.




Knowledge and understanding are key for every player in this game, especially those who play for a living. The A Swing is simple to teach, to learn and to fix.

Best of Luck to you Scott.