Give Every Day in 2019 a Total Effort

*This article was written by our in-house Sports Psychologist, Dr. Bob Winters

A New Year Provides An Opportunity to Achieve New Goals

2019 has officially arrived and we look forward to another great year at the Leadbetter Golf Academy. As the new year begins, we are frequently asked how a player can achieve success in their game. The answer is simple and straightforward. No matter how much talent the golfer has, the prescription for success is always the same: if you give every practice a consistent and total effort, you will achieve success. True champions put in the blood, sweat and tears to go after their dreams every day. No matter what the endeavor, great performers have a consistent mindset that promotes persistence, determination and ultimately success.

No one likes the concept of failure. The path to success is often fraught with frustration, discouragement, and the realization that one’s personal victory is an arduous process. True success for any player is based on grit, resiliency, and the relentless pursuit of getting better every day.

Inside the Mind of Elite Players

The elite players of the PGA and LPGA Tours and even the top players at clubs find their way to the top because they realize that the quality of their everyday effort is a moment to moment philosophy that is a roadmap to their eventual success. They understand that their road to success is filled with great shots, holed putts and remarkable comebacks. But they also realize that the road to success is about coping with failure, missing out on opportunities and those slightly-missed putts. By adhering to a strategy of putting a consistent effort into every shot, every day and in every tournament, their chances of victory become greatly enhanced.

A Lesson From an LPGA Great

Helen Alfredsson, European Solheim Cup Captain for 2007 and a wonderful veteran champion on the LPGA tour, once gave an eloquent statement concerning her philosophy about giving 100 percent effort, every day.

“I know that I am going to miss putts, but I am going to miss them while trying to make them!”

Helen’s attitude reflects her ability to give a consistent great effort into every putt even though she knew statistically that making every putt wasn’t going to happen.

Your Best Effort Will Lead To Success

As with every one of our Leadbetter Golf Academy students, touring pros, college players and juniors, we stress that in order for great things to happen, this is the philosophy to adopt!

As you go forward into this new year, whether you practice, play or simply are thinking about your golf game, remember to always give a great effort into each shot and swing. There is no compromise.