Golfzon Leadbetter Academy Opening at ZSTRICT


Golfzon Leadbetter and ZSTRICT are proud to announce the opening of the Golfzon Leadbetter Academy at ZSTRICT, a fully indoor golf experience located in Stamford, Connecticut. ZSTRICT is Golfzon’s flagship simulator facility, home to 10 award-winning Golfzon simulators complete with state-of-the-art Swing Plate technology. 

“I have always found indoor golf to be an exceptional environment for players to improve their game. That is why I was so motivated to partner with Golfzon – the undoubted global leaders in simulator golf. I believe you can learn the fundamental movements of the golf swing more effectively indoors because players can focus more on the technical aspects of their game, instead of being preoccupied with where the ball is going. You also remove any weather impairments, and every shot is tracked so you have instant feedback to chart your progress,” says David Leadbetter.

ZSTRICT in Stamford, Connecticut

The Golfzon Leadbetter Academy at ZSTRICT combines industry-leading golf instruction from Leadbetter with the very latest simulator technology, including Golfzon’s Swing Plate, a 360o hydraulic hitting mat that adjusts to the lie of the ball on the golf course. It also allows on-course practice at 85 well-known championship courses, meaning that practicing any situation on the golf course is made possible.

“Removing barriers to learning is so important to the growth of the game. As a company we have always taken pride in our ability to pioneer new ways of learning golf and this new location allows us to once again shape the future of golf instruction using Golfzon’s state-of-the-art simulators. Convenience, access to precise, real-time data, and the detailed knowledge of our Leadbetter Instructors will ensure golfers of every age and ability have the best chance to improve, “says Benedict Riches, CEO of Golfzon Leadbetter. 

PGA Professional and Leadbetter Instructor Jeff Epstein will become the head instructor at the new Golfzon Leadbetter Academy at ZSTRICT. Having studied extensively alongside sports psychology master Dr. Bob Rotella, as well as playing competitive golf throughout his youth, Jeff has a wealth of knowledge to enhance any golfer’s game. All new clients will be offered a comprehensive playing and swing assessment as well as physical movement screenings before being prescribed a personalized game improvement program. There will also be opportunities for children 12 and under to take part in the Leadbetter Kids introduction to golf program.

“We are very excited to be adding a world-class golf academy here at ZSTRICT. With our top-of-the-line technology, it only makes sense to partner with the global leader in golf instruction. The Leadbetter brand will be a great addition and further cement ZSTRICT as Connecticut’s premier indoor golf facility. Whether you’re a highly skilled player looking for in-depth analysis or a beginner learning the fundamentals of the game, ZSTRICT has it all. The golf academy offers golfers the tools to achieve their goals, and we are excited to help develop golfers while growing the game we all love so much,” said Ben Mackey, General Manager and resident PGA Professional at ZSTRICT.