Inrange Golf Pairs With David Leadbetter At Championsgate

Inrange Golf has paired with the global leader in golf instruction, David Leadbetter, and the world-renowned Leadbetter Golf Academy to bring smart golf tracking technology to coaches and players at Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters at Championsgate, Orlando, Florida this September 2019.

The Leadbetter Golf Academy has been instrumental in the early and ongoing development of Inrange, providing the ideal proving ground through their cutting-edge facilities, elite golf instructors, committed students and the openness to innovation crucial to attracting a new generation of golfers to the game.

The Inrange-equipped facilities include purpose-built chipping greens and a pitching area with 12 target bunkers, enabling all players at Championsgate, from full-time students to casual visitors to work on and perfect the most important aspects of their game through real-time feedback.

According to Leadbetter Golf Academy CEO, Ben Riches, “Leadbetter has always been on the forefront of using technology to enhance our coaching and now Inrange allows us to provide the same quantified feedback we have in our indoor bays to our students practicing and taking lessons on our outdoor range. This data will allow our coaches and students to track every ball hit during their sessions and provide feedback to enable them improve more quickly.”

An innovator and early adopter in the world of golf for over three decades, David Leadbetter was quick to recognize the opportunity for greatly enhanced, quantifiable practice that Inrange offers range owners, golf coaches and players alike.

The partnership bolsters the characteristically-holistic Leadbetter teaching methodology and equips Leadbetter instructors at Championsgate with the technology to create truly customized coaching plans through real-time analysis, rich data and ongoing support for players between 1-1 sessions.

Instructors and students have immediate access to detailed real-time and historical data on how they’re playing and the progress being made by the student, further personalizing the coaching and playing experience.

Inrange will be available at Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters in Championsgate (Orlando), Florida from September 2019.