Leadbetter Golf Consistently Recognized as World Leader in Golf Instruction

With 35 academies across 16 countries, Leadbetter Golf has proven to be a global powerhouse in golf instruction. This year, Leadbetter Golf has been recognized in several prestigious Golf Digest lists including, Best Teachers In Every State, the newly curated list of Best International Instructors, as ranked by their peers, and the latest list of Best Schools & Academies ranked by Golf Digest editors.

“Building a Lifelong Game” – one of the first things you’ll see as you enter the newly renovated Leadbetter Golf Academy World HQ. More than a catchy phrase, Building a Lifelong Game is a mission celebrated by our instructors each and every day. With a huge emphasis on instructor education, our goal is to simply deliver instruction to any player that walks through our academy’s doors, in the most enjoyable and effective way possible. Ranked as one of the “Best Schools & Academies” in the country, Leadbetter Golf Academy’s golf schools and retreats deliver an unparalleled experience– an experience that is usually reserved for top tour players. Highly customizable programs give guests a truly holistic approach to performance training. Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or an elite athlete looking for a “tour” training experience, there is a school or retreat for you.

World-class facilities and the latest technology can be found in many places, but educated, experienced and inviting instructors to produce results. Stateside, LGA instructors were recognized in this year’s “The Best Teachers In Every State” list. In Florida, David Leadbetter, ranked #2, is followed by Director of Instruction and Master Certified Instructor Sean Hogan (30), based out of at Leadbetter Golf Academy HQ. Sean has spent 20+ years working with David Leadbetter and many top tour players. Master Certified Instructor Matt Denzer (54), heads up LGA Palm Beach Gardens in the Winter and LGA Whistler in the Summer months as Director of Instruction. Iain Highfield (15), Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy’s Mental Performance Coach and co-founder of Game Like Training, is ranked in the top 15 of golf instructors in Georgia.

As we continue to grow our LGA golf instructor network and academy locations, we hope to provide the same experience of Building a Lifelong Game across the globe. There is no denying that golf is an increasingly global game. Events played in nearly every region of the world, colorfully flagged leaderboards, and in our case, more Leadbetter Golf Academies sprouting up in an effort to grow the game. Popularity creates interest, but quality instructors are what really move the needle and help curiosity become an obsession, and in some cases even produce major champion golfers. This year, Golf Digest conducted a worldwide search to identify the best instructors outside the U.S., and ultimately curated a list of 78 instructors from 33 countries, named “Best International Teachers.” On this list, nine Leadbetter Golf Academy instructors were recognized, and another five instructors have called a Leadbetter Golf Academy home during their coaching journey.

This year’s recognized instructors include Paul Dyer (Germany), David Norquay (China), Robin Symes (South Korea), Alain Alberti (France), Ian Holloway (German), Andrew Nicholson (U.K.), Randy Mawuntu (Indonesia), Chris Murtagh (U.K.), and Stuart Clayton (U.K.). In addition, five instructors recognized have had Leadbetter as a part of their teaching journey, these names include Kevin Smeltz (China), Stuart Morgan (Austria), Jason Floyd (Spain), and Dennis Pugh (U.K.)

More certified, passionate instructors worldwide mean greater reach, greater influence, and if done right, more participants in the game we love. That ideology is the driving force behind Golfzon Leadbetter University. The online university enables instructors to take courses to improve all areas of their instruction including mental, technical, physical, and junior development. Ambitious instructors can even undertake the Leadbetter Certification, a recognized golf instructor certification program. Leadbetter Golf is continually searching for new instructors. To learn more about how the benefits and how to apply for Leadbetter certification, head to www.university.leadbetter.com.

Recognized Instructors & Academies

Best Schools and Academies

Leadbetter Golf Academy – Location: ChampionsGate, Florida (HQ)

Best Teachers In Every State


David Leadbetter – Instagram: @davidleadbetter | Twitter: @davidleadbetter

Sean Hogan – Director of Instruction and Master Certified Instructor – Leadbetter Golf Academy ChampionsGate (HQ) (Years with LGA: 20+)

Matt DenzerMaster Certified Instructor and Director of Instruction – LGA Whistler and LGA Palm Beach Gardens (Instagram: @denzermatt)


Iain Highfield Certified Mental Performance Coach – LGA ChampionsGate (HQ) (Instagram: @gameltraining | Website: gltgolf.com | Twitter: @iainGLT)

Best International Instructors

Stuart Clayton – Head of Training and Certification (Instagram: @stuartclaytongolf | Twitter: @stuclaytongolf | Facebook: @stuartclaytongolf)

Paul DyerMaster Certified Instructor Leadbetter Golf Academy Timmendorfer Strand, Leadbetter Golf Academy Velbert (Years with LGA: 20+ years) (Instagram: @lga_germany, @pauldyergolf | Website: pauldyergolf.com)

David Norquay  – Senior Certified Instructor Leadbetter Golf Shenzhen (Years with LGA: 8) (Instagram: @norquaydavid | Website: https://davidleadbetter.com/instructor/david-norquay/)

Robin SymesMaster Certified Instructor Leadbetter Golf Korea (Years with LGA: 16) (Instagram: leadbettergolf_korea | Website: swingstation.com | Facebook: robinsymesgolf)

Alain AlbertiMaster Certified Instructor LGA France (Years with LGA: 30) (Instagram: academieleadbetterfrance)

Ian HollowaySenior Certified Instructor LGA Düsseldorf, Velbert (Years with LGA: 10) (Instagram: @ianholloway)

Randy MawuntuInstructor LGA Indonesia (Instagram: @mawunturandy | Facebook: @LGAIndonesia | Website: www.lga-indonesia.com)

Andrew NicholsonAcademy at Wynyard, United Kingdom (Years with LGA: 23) (Twitter: Point1Golf Coach)

Chris MurtaghCertified Instructor Leadbetter Golf Stoke Park (Years with LGA: 2)