Lead’s Swing Advice to President Obama after losing to Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter’s golf coach gives President Obama advice


WASHINGTON – President Obama needs to work on his golf game if he lost money to Derek Jeter on the links last year, Jeter’s golf coach says.

“I have to say, with no disrespect, that Obama’s game isn’t in very good shape given that he lost at that stage” to the longtime Yankee shortstop, said David Leadbetter, a prominent golf instructor who coaches Jeter and fellow former Bomber Tino Martinez in Florida.

Leadbetter noted Jeter had just taken up the game at the time of the matchup last November.

Though Obama said he erred by giving Jeter 30 strokes in the showdown, Leadbetter said Jeter has since “improved dramatically,” knocking 10 to 15 strokes off his score.

“He’s going at it,” the coach said. “He’s a fanatic. Now that he’s putting all his energy into golf, as good as his athleticism is, he can be a single figure handicap.”

But Leadbetter, who has mailed Obama a copy of his book, “The A Swing,” thinks he can help the President compete with the Yankee great after Obama leaves office.

“Maybe I can do a group clinic with him and Donald Trump,” Leadbetter said.

“He’s a fanatic.  Now that he’s putting all his energy into golf, as good as his athleticism is, he can be a single-figure handicap,” Leadbetter said of Jeter’s golf game.

Asked what he’d tell Obama, Leadbetter said the commander-in-chief needs to better his balance and relax his swing.

“He looks like he trying to hit the ball,” Leadbetter said, “If you want to hit shots well in golf, you want to swing the club and let the ball get in the way of the swing. He attacks the ball a little too much.”

Leadbetter said the President could improve his golf by dancing, where he could work on “getting a rhythem going” which he could apply to his swing.

“Maybe the First Lady can help him with dancing,” Leadbetter said.

Article by:

Dan Friedman

NY Daily News