Picture Perfect Posture

Achieving Picture Perfect Posture–And Why It Matters

Posture is an important factor in creating a repetitive swing. A good posture will set your swing up for success by allowing your body to be in the optimal position for movement. You should feel comfortable, natural, and in an athletic position. This position should be something that is maintained throughout the golf swing.

Extend your arms

Stand in a tall position with a neutral spine. Extend your arms and club directly out in front of the chest.

Bring your arms to the chest

Keep your arms nice and relaxed. You should have your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly pointing out.

Hip hinge

Much like a deadlift, we want to hinge at the hips dropping the chest down without manipulating the position of the arms. With your legs still straight, you will be able to feel a slight stretch in the back of your hamstrings and calves.

Knee flex

This is not a squat position. We want a slight knee bend that promotes a strong athletic position, much like you’re playing basketball and are on defense.

Address the ball

Shoulders down and the chest is up. Your chin should feel slightly up. You’re now in a strong position to make a good swing.

Watch the full routine in action