The A Swing

I’m proud to announce the launch of my groundbreaking new book ‘The A Swing, The Alternative Approach to Great Golf’.

This could be the most important golf book you ever read.


The A Swing is a revolutionary new approach that simplifies the game, makes it easier to learn and delivers immediate improvement. If you are struggling with your game, keep reverting back to old habits and want to play to your potential, you need to try the A Swing.

I have developed the A Swing with every type of player in mind—an evolution of what I have learned through the years teaching the world’s best players—a simple, easy to repeat approach to great golf.

How many lessons, swing tips or equipment changes have you made in an attempt to improve your technique or find some consistency in your game? Probably more than you care to remember. Statistics show that most recreational golfers don’t improve because they can’t dedicate the hours needed to perfect the traditional swing.

I believe this game needs a simpler way of swinging the club that will help the majority of golfers get results without the countless hours of practice. That’s why The A Swing includes a 7-minute practice plan that you only need to do a couple of times a week. You can even practice indoors and using some of the recommended training aids, you master the A Swing in no time.

Minimal practice, maximum results—isn’t that what every golfer dreams of?

One of my students Lydia Ko, who recently became the youngest golfer to reach World No.1, has adopted major parts of the A Swing in her own game. In fact, many of the greats of the past and current PGA and LPGA players utilize traits of the A Swing. Through our scientific research we’ve proven that the A Swing is a more efficient way to swing the club. Whether you’re looking to become the best player in the world, a successful amateur or even learn the game from scratch, you’ll find the principles of the A Swing will help you.
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Join the A Swing revolution today and let’s get the world playing better golf!