Three Keys to Michelle Wie’s Victory at the HSBC Women’s World Championship

When a player works as hard as Michelle it is no surprise to see her re-entering the winners’ circle again. She has remained humble and focused even during times of relentless criticism from the media and golfing world. To see her hole the winning put from 35 feet just shows how good of a player she truly is.

1. Optimized Equipment

This year we notice a huge shift in her motivation to dominate the LPGA Tour. She has a great structure to her practice, workouts and shot-making skills.

Starting the year well in the Bahamas, we looked to capitalize on the momentum she was building. During the off-season, we began testing and optimizing her set of clubs to match her improved swing. The new Callaway Rogue products have really made a huge difference for her.

Her driving and ball striking has improved dramatically due to her switch to the new Callaway Rogue heads for her woods and also adding an 11 wood in her bag which has given her more options when trying launch the ball higher into the longer holes.

Her iron play has also been very solid due to improved shot making. The new Rogue Irons have also given her the ability to shape and control her distance effectively.


2. Improved Swing Technique

As for technique, we have really tried to stabilize her leg action this year, which is giving her much greater consistency off the tee and into the greens.

Michelle creates an extraordinary amount of force into the ground compared to the majority of LPGA players. Turning her tremendous amount of force into a positive strength is exactly what we have been working on this year.

By tightening up her leg action, this gives her much more stability and allows the club to be in sync with her body, which leads to a much tighter shot pattern and even more distance.

The main key we have worked on is focusing on the right knee and foot releasing through into her finish. This is a key movement that many of the great players have focused on throughout the years; including Jack Nicklaus who used to roll his feet in order to create a more consistent lower body action.


3. Amazing Putting Consistency


Throughout the majority of last year, Michelle’s putting was streaky. This off-season, she made it her goal to tighten up her technique dramatically. This, coupled with a really good putter choice (that she absolutely loves), has totally transformed her performances on the greens.

We have been analyzing her putting stroke using Sam Putt technology, which outlines a players strengths and weaknesses of their current motion.

After working on her putting technique for two months, Michelle’s consistency is one of the best we have ever witnessed at our Headquarters in Orlando, FL. It just goes to show that with hard work, anyone can turn a weakness into a strength.