Tour Pro to Leadbetter Instructor

Leadbetter Certification Provides Seamless Transition for Tour Pro Daniel Owen

December 21, 2020

Like many touring professionals, England’s Daniel Owen was faced with a year of uncertainty. With lockdowns and cancellations, many players began seeking alternative actions for the unforeseeable future. “COVID very much impacted golf. Everything was scrapped. Aside from the PGA Tour, I think we were all faced with a very difficult year, including purse cuts and limited events to play in, alongside travel restrictions,” says Daniel Owen who recently completed his Leadbetter Instructor certification program earlier this month. Owen played eight tournaments in 2020, a lot of which were pro-ams and team events to make ends meet. “I knew I would have a lot of time on my hands, so I made the most of my time by starting this process early.” 

Growing up in Bahrain for most of his childhood, Daniel was an avid sportsman playing several sports before falling in love with the game at age 14. Turning professional in 2012, Owen competed in 40 different countries across five different continents and five tours, over the next nine years of his professional playing career. Owen began his Leadbetter Instructor Certification process in early July shortly after England experienced its second Covid-19 lockdown. “I knew that I would eventually take this path, but I think the pandemic sped up that process. I still love the game more than ever and I can’t wait to help others achieve their best golf.”

“I am glad I went down this road. You can tell this program is created for those who really want to teach golf, rather than become a golf professional”

Daniel weighed his options when deciding which certification he wanted to pursue, mentioning explored many avenues, but with a BA honors in Golf Management from the University of Central Lancashire, he was more interested in an instruction-focused certification. Suggested by fellow LGA Instructor Laurence Brotheridge, he decided to pursue the Leadbetter route.

“I am glad I went down this road. You can tell this program is created for those who really want to teach golf, rather than become a golf professional. I wanted to stay as close to the game as possible, I thought this would be the best way.” Owen worked his way through the course and received weekly mentorship from Master Instructor and Head of Education Stuart Clayton. “Going through the modules I definitely felt they were written for someone coming from a player understanding/background. It really connected the technical aspects and philosophies to the day to day pressures and expectations of being a coach and working with competitive players.” Daniel leaned on friends and family to help him complete his instructor assignments saying, “Coming from a playing background I hadn’t started a teaching business so I needed someone attached to the club to really demonstrate my learnings. Needless to say, I gave a few free lessons throughout the process, which worked out for both parties!”

Daniel Owen recently completed Leadbetter Instructor training after nine years of professional golf.

Owen highlighted that although it was a difficult year, the pandemic allowed him to focus entirely on achieving his certification and ultimately completing it faster than anticipated. “I think if I was still playing, it would have been a bit more difficult to manage the assignments. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to do, but I would have likely needed closer to a year and a half to complete it on the road.” He hopes to use his playing experience to propel athletes to the next level. Daniel highlighted, “I’d love to be a part of someone else’s golfing journey. I couldn’t think of anything more rewarding than to be part of a team that makes it to the main tour!”

”I wanted to stay as close to the game as possible, I thought this would be the best way”

Owen lives in England with his partner and ten-month-old daughter. He looks forward to this new career path and sharing his expertise and playing experience. “In a dream world, I would love to land myself a role at a Leadbetter facility. I want to be set up around people with similar core values and people that put importance in things like preparation and lesson set up. Teaching bays and range set up should always look ‘ready’, something I feel is so undervalued in the professional world.”

To learn more about Daniel Owen or to book a lesson visit danowengolf.com

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