Ukrainian Golfer Arrives in U.S.

Written by David Leadbetter

After four days of nervous travel, Mykhailo “Misha” Golod and his mother Vita arrived in Orlando last night and are happy to be in the USA, where he has spent some time over the last couple of years playing junior tournaments. He was most upset his clubs had not arrived with him! Misha and his mother were both extremely tired and were very gratified to see the small welcoming committee. They spoke about the past two weeks, which sounded horrendous, and showed me the app that they have for when air raid warning sirens were about to go off. Sadly, Misha’s mother will go back to Ukraine in two days to be with her family and husband. It is a scary and sad time for all. Misha is a very impressive young man, very mature and the first thing he wanted to know is if he could go to TPC this weekend. If determination and mindset are the big keys to playing great golf, he has those qualities in abundance. We are looking forward to hosting Misha at our Junior Academy in Orlando and helping him get some sort of normality in his life.

The response from individuals, groups, and companies has been tremendous at this early stage. Special thanks to Jim Nugent from Global Golf Post, Jerry Tarde of Golf Digest, the American Junior Golf Association who help set up a funding page, Callaway Golf, USGA, and my thanks to Golf Digest Senior Writer, Joel Beall, who by relaying the story of Misha set the wheels in motion.

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