With 2018 Officially Upon Us, David Leadbetter Discusses his Goals for Golf Instruction and the Business of Golf

Ringing in a new year means setting new heights for future successes. David Leadbetter, 2017 PGA Teacher of the Year has many new goals for 2018 including: his goals for the future of golf instruction, growth of the business and advice for players looking to improve their game in the coming year.

In 2017, David, rather belatedly, won PGA Teacher of the Year for the very first time. Many professionals were astounded that David hadn’t won the prestigious award before due to his many years coaching some of the game’s best professionals. When asked what his goals for 2018 were after winning the prestigious award in 2017 David said, “having already been inducted into the golf teacher’s hall of fame a few years ago, it was nice to follow up with this. It is an honor to join the list of other fine professionals who have won this award”.  Even after winning the 2017 PGA Teacher of the Year Award, David’s desire to improve his instruction continues to grow. “The great thing about the game is that you’ll continue learning and I look forward to becoming a better teacher in the years to come”.

David also grew his worldwide business to astounding new heights in 2017. The Leadbetter Golf Academies have expanded exponentially in the past years, totaling 32 academies across 14 countries. After achieving such success this past year, David is looking to expand the business even further in 2018. “The game of golf is growing on a worldwide basis and a lot of our expansion is going to be on the international stage. Having been in the academy business for over 25 years, we have built up a great following worldwide and there is a lot of demand for great instruction now,” he said.

David’s instruction goes beyond himself, he prides himself on coaching other world-renowned coaches as well. “I feel that our teachers go through the most in-depth certification program and a lot of the world’s best teachers have been through our program”.

As for 2018, the list of academies will continue to multiply. “We will continue to open academies wherever there is a demand for top instruction, we already have the contracts in place to open numerous academies this year”.

The majority of the academies successes come from the players themselves. “Obviously we would love for golfers to come to our academies where they will be given the blueprint for improvement. If that is not possible, follow our social media channels, subscribe to our online coaching lessons and keep an eye out for a new instructional program to be released soon, which I will play a major role in”.

The future is looking bright for David Leadbetter and The Leadbetter Golf Academies in 2018.