The Mental Game Of Golf: 6 Tips To Build Confidence On The Course

The Mental Game Of Golf: 6 Tips To Build Confidence On The Course

The sport of golf (as we all know) is not just a physical game; but a mental one. We’d even be willing to bet that most golfers would likely say it’s more the latter. It requires focus, resilience, and strategic thinking. In this blog, we will explore the intricacies of the mental game of golf, delving into the golf psychology behind building confidence out on the course. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, gaining an understanding of the mental game of golf can significantly impact your performance on the golf course (in a good way of course).

Build confidence through positive golf psychology

Confidence is a cornerstone of success in golf. We’ve teamed up with our in-house Sports Psychologist Dr. Robert K. Winters, P.H.D. (A.KA. “The Confidence Doctor”) who shares with you 6 of his golf psychology practices to build up your confidence on the course. Learn to manage self-doubt, boost self-belief, and approach each shot with the conviction that you need to achieve success on the golf course (and in life).

#1 Play your game

Sounds simple right? Why try and play any other way? You do most everything in your life in your own fashion, so why should you play golf any differently? Next time you’re out on the golf course try telling yourself: “I play my game…I play to please me, myself, and I.” In other words, you’re on team YOU! Mantras like this have been proven time and time again to help positively elevate your personal golf psychology.

#2 play the course: not others

Realizing that the golf course is your true opponent and not other golfers will do wonders for your mental golf game (at least it did for me) and it’s just as simple as that. Don’t play against the other guys in your foursome. Play against the course.

#3 clarity = confidence

Have a clear and purposeful plan for each shot. Clarity = confidence! Imagine this scenario: you’ve missed the fairway off the tee and you find yourself 2 yards into the rough. 30 yards in front of you is a low cluster of branches. You grab a club and whack the ball. Thwack! The ball hits the branches and ends up right back at your feet. If you had taken a moment to pause and think before hitting your shot, assessed potential outcomes, and made an educated decision with intention, you would likely not have had the same result. Simple golf psychology like this will make your round much more enjoyable.

#4 give yourself a green light

Similar to what we just spoke about above, you can significantly improve your mental golf game by just taking a moment to think before taking any action. Dr. Bob calls this “giving yourself the green light.” “Get yourself to a green light before you step into the ball…if in doubt, back away and reset. Never hit with uncertainty or doubt.”

#5 Play one shot at a time

This is a rather well-known nugget of mental golf game gold. Just focus on the shot at hand, man. Nothing else. If it’s not about the shot you’re trying to hit, it doesn’t matter.

#6 Accept the result

If there’s ONE THING you take away from reading this article let it be this! Accept the result. When that ball leaves your club face, it is out of your control. You can smoke one down the fairway 310 yards dead straight just to have it land on a sprinkler head and ricochet OB. That would suck, yes, without a doubt. But there’s nothing you can do about it. So accept it and move on or you’re never going to enjoy this game. “A shot is a shot, is a shot.”


The mental game of golf is a dynamic and vital aspect of your overall performance. By understanding and honing your mental golf skills, you can gain a competitive edge on the golf course, or simply just enjoy the game more. Whether you’re aiming for a lower handicap or seeking a more enjoyable golfing experience, mastering the psychology of golf will undoubtedly contribute to your success.

Remember, the mental game of golf is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and improvement. Implement the strategies discussed in this blog, and watch as your mental prowess transforms your golf game into a more fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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