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David Leadbetter

With a career spanning over four decades, David Leadbetter has established himself as one of the most influential and successful golf coaches of all time. David’s journey began at a young age when he discovered his innate talent for the sport. His dedication, combined with an exceptional understanding of the game, led him to develop a unique approach to golf instruction that has revolutionized the way players learn and improve their skills.

Over the years, Leadbetter has worked with countless professional golfers, including multiple Major Champions and Ryder Cup team members. His expertise and innovative teaching methods have helped these players reach new levels of success and have earned him the reputation of being a “guru” in the golfing world.

What sets David Leadbetter apart is his ability to analyze and refine every aspect of a golfer’s game. He focuses not only on technical aspects but also on the mental and physical aspects of the sport. By emphasizing proper technique, course management, mental toughness, and physical fitness, Leadbetter provides a comprehensive approach to golf coaching that produces remarkable results.

Beyond working with professionals, Leadbetter has also dedicated himself to helping amateur golfers of all skill levels. Through his academies, instructional books, videos, and worldwide coaching programs, he has made his knowledge and expertise accessible to golf enthusiasts around the globe. His commitment to nurturing talent and his passion for sharing the joy of the game have made him a beloved figure among golfers of all ages.

As a testament to his contributions to the sport, David Leadbetter has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. He is a sought-after speaker, a bestselling author, and his instructional materials have become essential resources for golfers worldwide.


Since its inception in 1983, the Leadbetter business has grown into a global network of 40 Leadbetter Golf Academies spanning 15 countries around the world. With 100 Leadbetter Instructors and growing, this network now delivers more than of 50,000 golf lessons per year.

Various LGA locations also host corporate events and elite junior golf programs, including the full-time Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy at LGA’s world headquarters in Reunion Resort and Golf Course, Florida.

The world-class instruction found at the Leadbetter Golf Academies have produced many elite juniors that went on to successful NCAA and professional careers, and helped thousands of amateur players enjoy the game of a lifetime.

Shaping the Future with Golfzon

In 2018, Leadbetter was acquired by Korean golf technology company Golfzon Newdin Holdings with a singular goal in mind: making golf more fun and accessible to people around the world.

Golfzon’s simulators have made indoor “screen golf” a sensation in South Korea. Young people are flocking to the game, and Golfzon cafés have become social hubs and after-hours meeting points for workers of all ages, with approximately 59 million rounds played on GOLFZON simulators annually.

“We’re taking fresh ideas and new technologies and growing an exciting new culture in the game. We look forward to combining Golfzon’s VR technology with LGA’s brand power to grow the game by furthering the development of professional players, junior golf and amateur golf.”

Duk-Hyung Choi
CEO/COO, Golfzon Newdin Holdings

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