GLE l2 Golf Instructor Certification

L2 expands upon the foundation of L1 into areas such as using the latest 3D and AI technology in your lessons, the 4 phases of generating speed with world-renowned GRF expert Steve Furlonger, how to properly use statistics to help your students with industry-leading statistics platform UPGAME, performance psychology with Dr. Robert K. Winters Ph.D. and more. Plus, a FREE bonus course on building lasting client relationships with Game On Nation.

Level 2 certification


Take your coaching to the next level.

Includes a one-year free membership to the GLE instructor community with 20+ hours of bonus learning modules

FREE bonus course on building lasting client relationships with Game On Nation

First-year free access to the Golfzon Leadbetter Teaching summit, in-person or online (Value $475)

here’s what you’ll learn:

Using the latest AI technology combined with biomechanics education to assist you in analyzing motion and getting to the root cause of the student’s issue.

Host by world-renowned GRF expert Steve Furlonger. Learn the 4 phases of generating speed, the commonly used drills and exercises, and recommended training protocols for your students.

Provided by the world’s leading statistics platform, UPGAME. Learn the importance of stat tracking and how to utilize it with your students.

Dive deeper into the strategies and mechanics behind chipping, pitching, putting, and bunkers.

Presented by Dr. Robert Winters (Ph.D.), an internationally renowned sports psychologist, author, and professional speaker. Dr. Bob helps guide you through the keystones of applied golf psychology and adds his insight gathered from several decades of research, experiential activities, and personal case studies.

The must knows as a golf coach on the mind a golfer requires. Written by Master Coach Paul Dyer, who has over 30 years of experience in helping golfers of all levels.

A system developed over the last 45 years by Steven Yellin that helps golfers quiet the mind and apply the changes proscribed by the coach backed by science and neurology.

Why Choose our Golf Instructor certification?



no fluff

what our instructors are saying:

“Stop thinking about it and do it. There’s no other certification program that offers this level of flexibility and quality content. If you want to become a golf instructor, your search ends here.”

– Jose Rolz

“I tell people it’s like getting your PHD in golf. There is nothing else out there like this. It peels back the curtain into the teaching philosophies and practices of one of the best.”

– Rick Haney

“I have a 9-5 job and two kids at home but the flexibility of GLE’s online instructor program allowed me to pursue my passion and teach this great game.”

-Hank Collins


Lifetime access to the Level 2 Instructor Course

PGA of America / UK points

Hold a prestigious Certification that’s recognized worldwide

Job Opportunities

What comes next?

Level 3 certification

– mentorship –

You will be assigned one of Golfzon Leadbetter’s Master Instructors as your mentor, working together 1:1 on the areas in which you need to raise your knowledge, confidence, and reputation as a coach.  Your mentor will set you tasks and assignments based on your individual needs, share case studies, and compare notes on students you work with in all areas of the game. 



No. You are a Leadbetter (L1) Certified Golf Instructor after completion and can start teaching this great game! However, if you want to go even further into the nuances of teaching golf and expand your skill set – we highly recommend L2 and L3.

No. Our kid’s certification is optional. But, you do need to complete L1 in order to move into any higher levels of certifications (L2, L3).

Nice! You’ve now unlocked the ability to purchase L2.

Yes. Completing L1 “unlocks” your ability to PURCHASE L2.

This differs from coach to coach and how much time they have to dedicate

We require each coach to attend either in person or online (recorded) our annual teaching and coaching summit; with this, recertification is issued.