GLE kids Instructor Certification

Our Kids Instructor Certification is an athlete-centered progressive golf program designed for individuals interested in teaching the game of golf to 5-12-year-olds. 100% online and self-paced, our program is meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to not only become a proficient and effective golf instructor for young learners but to create a sustainable and profitable junior golf business.

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4 modules | 34 sections

the champion athlete

module #1

A primer on creating engaging, child-centric junior programs that create lifelong golfers with sections on engaging children, the current state of youth sports, and more.

The basics of engaging children and creating a child-centric junior program

A deep dive on skill acquisition and how kids learn and develop

Creating the correct culture and environment for learning

the champion coach

module #2

How to apply Leadbetter swing theory and the science of child development in your coaching. Topics include Leadbetter’s teaching philosophy, the biology of children’s development, and more.

Swing concepts that define the Leadbetter philosophy

The science behind Leadbetter Kids

Breakdown of the biology of children’s physical and mental development

the champion business

module #3

An in-depth look at creating and growing a sustainable junior golf business, with tips on structuring your programs and marketing your academy.

Create a business plan for your junior golf program based on information about your local economy, school systems & more

Methods for tracking progress as your program grows

Basic tips on marketing your program online, from graphic design and email marketing to website design and social media

engaging the parent

module #4

Our “Engaging The Parent”course provides the essential information and strategies necessary to give parents the skillset and confidence to manage their children’s journey through sport.

Coaching behaviors

Communication strategies

Single sport specialization

Keys to managing child’s sports development

Instilling confidence and self-belief

Why Choose our kids Golf Instructor certification?



no fluff

what our instructors are saying:

“The program goes in depth not only into the technical aspects of the game but into children’s development. A value-packed purchase.”

Kimberly Teems

“This program sets you up for complete success even after you’ve completed the learnings. The social media guide was a life saver.”

Tom Grey

“I utilize nearly every aspect of my learnings from this course in my junior practice every day. If you’re on the fence, do it.”

-Jeremy Cuzzi


Lifetime access to the course

PGA of America / UK points

Lifetime access to the Social Media Guidelines course

Hold a prestigious Certification that’s recognized worldwide

Job Opportunities

Unlocks the ability to purchase our Level 1 Golf Instructor Certification

20% discount on purchasing L1 Certification

What comes next?

Level 1 certification

*20% off if you’ve purchased our kids program

15 modules | 70+ lessons

  • How to film students correctly
  • Examine ball flight and impact laws
  • Learn how to break the swing up into its components to identify the root cause of the issue with an analytical approach
  • Gain a toolbox of solutions and drills to assist your students in making changes and achieving the lesson goal & long-term plan.
  • Learn how to effectively structure your lessons and separate yourself from other coaches
  • And more


Level 2 certification

Take your coaching to the next level

7 modules | 94 sections

  • Learn to use the latest AI technology combined with biomechanics to analyze motion and get to the root cause of your student’s issues
  • Learn the 4 phases of generating speed hosted by world-renowned GRF expert Steve Furlonger
  • Learn how to properly use statistics to help students perform better with UPGAME – the world’s leading statistics program
  • Golf Psychology with Dr. Robert Winters Ph.D.
  • And more



No. You are a Leadbetter (L1) Certified Golf Instructor after completion and can start teaching this great game! However, if you want to go even further into the nuances of teaching golf and expand your skill set – we highly recommend L2 and L3.

No. Our kid’s certification is optional. But, you do need to complete L1 in order to move into any higher levels of certifications (L2, L3).

Nice! You’ve now unlocked the ability to purchase L2.

Yes. Completing L1 “unlocks” your ability to PURCHASE L2.

This differs from coach to coach and how much time they have to dedicate

We require each coach to attend either in person or online (recorded) our annual teaching and coaching summit; with this, recertification is issued.