GLE L1 Golf Instructor Certification

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to become a golf instructor, we’d like to introduce you to our L1 GLE Certified Golf Instructor program. A tailored education for individuals looking to take the next step and pursue a golf instructor certification. Unlike other programs that focus on a specialized area and approach the game from limited perspectives, our online Certified Golf Instructor program focuses on the entire spectrum of knowledge you need to help your future students play better golf and build a lifelong reputation as a coach. We teach you how to teach.

Our L1 Golf Instructor Certification is much more than just the mechanics of the golf swing or fitness. We provide you with the fundamental knowledge of how to deliver consistently best-in-class instruction; the fundamentals of coaching that David Leadbetter, our founder, and other great coaches worldwide adhere to daily.



Level 1 certification


Become a Certified Golf Instructor starting with our first level of education. We’ve taken our 40+ years of teaching knowledge and condensed it into 15 modules and 70+ lessons of specialized education. This may be level 1, but nothing is held back. Level 1 alone will provide you with the core fundamentals and principles to start teaching this great game, build a lasting reputation, and a full lesson book.

Includes a one-year free membership to the GLE instructor community with 20+ hours of bonus learning modules

And a comprehensive guide to using social media to build your client base

First-year free access to the Golfzon Leadbetter Teaching summit, in-person or online (Value $475)

here’s what you’ll learn:

Our L1 Golf Instructor Certification teaches you how to professionally film student swings for accurate analysis and presentations that will set you apart. Receive advice on the best software and platforms, and stay up to date with the latest technology.

Learn how to deliver theory, visuals, and feel through drills and training aids for the mechanics of the swing to assist students in achieving the lesson’s goal and long-term plan.

Our L1 Certified Golf Instructor course breaks the swing into 3 components using David Leadbetter’s tried and tested system, the 3Ps. This structure will become your system of diagnosis, removing the mysteries and allowing you to find the root cause of the issue to deliver consistently high-quality lessons.

Learn the core knowledge of the impact and ball flight laws. Examining these in detail is a critical component of successful coaching, allowing you to understand the issue and to set goals and strategies with your students.

Received a toolbox of the tried and tested drills David Leadbetter and his 100+ instructors worldwide use to help their students understand the feel of the requirement movement.

Our Level 1 Golf Instructor Certification ensures your success even after you complete the course. Our Digital Marketing experts crafted an in-depth guide to help you use social media to build a client base from the ground up. Chock full of best practices, how-to’s, and other industry knowledge – they left no stone unturned.

A Leadbetter Certified Golf Instructor gives a lesson to a student

Why Choose our Golf Instructor certification?



no fluff

what our instructors are saying:

“Stop thinking about it and do it. There’s no other certification program that offers this level of flexibility and quality content. If you want to become a golf instructor, your search ends here.”

– Jose Rolz

“I tell people it’s like getting your PHD in golf. There is nothing else out there like this. It peels back the curtain into the teaching philosophies and practices of one of the best.”

– Rick Haney

“I have a 9-5 job and two kids at home but the flexibility of GLE’s online instructor program allowed me to pursue my passion and teach this great game.”

-Hank Collins


Lifetime access to the Level 1 Instructor Course

PGA of America / UK points

Life time access to the Social Media Guidelines course

Hold a prestigious Certification that’s recognized worldwide

Job Opportunities

Unlocks the ability to purchase our Level 2 & 3 Golf Instructor Certifications

20% off discount on the Golfzon Leadbetter Kids Certification

What comes next?

Level 2 certification

– 7 MODULES | 94 sections –

Our Level 2 Golf Instructor Certification covers:

  • Teaching In 3D
  • Creating Speed
  • Using Statistics
  • Short Game
  • Performance Psychology
  • The Golf Mind
  • Fluid Motion Factor
  • FREE Bonus Course


Level 3 certification

– mentorship –

You will be assigned one of Golfzon Leadbetter’s Master Instructors as your mentor, working together 1:1 on the areas in which you need to raise your knowledge, confidence, and reputation as a coach.  Your mentor will set you tasks and assignments based on your individual needs, share case studies, and compare notes on students you work with in all areas of the game.



No. You are a Leadbetter (L1) Certified Golf Instructor after completion and can start teaching this great game! However, if you want to go even further into the nuances of teaching golf and expand your skill set – we highly recommend L2 and L3.

No. Our kid’s certification is optional. But, you do need to complete L1 in order to move into any higher levels of certifications (L2, L3).

Nice! You’ve now unlocked the ability to purchase L2.

Yes. Completing L1 “unlocks” your ability to PURCHASE L2.

This differs from coach to coach and how much time they have to dedicate

We require each coach to attend either in person or online (recorded) our annual teaching and coaching summit; with this, recertification is issued.