Senior Golf Instructor – Palm Beach, FL

Wisconsin-born just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Matthew Hilton inherited two very important characteristics from his father Michael: a passion for the game of golf and a desire to help others. Matthew harvested that passion into a very successful junior golf career, including the 1998 Wisconsin State Junior title.

His success on the junior level earned Matthew a spot on the Marquette University Golf team, where he quickly assumed a leadership role, being named Team Captain and Team MVP in both his Junior and Senior years. Based on his impressive tournament record in College and National amateur events, Matt decided to test his game at the professional level. This led him to ChampionsGate, Florida and the Leadbetter Golf Academy, where some of the best players in the world have come to hone their skills.

After a number of successful years on the mini-tours, Matthew realized that he enjoyed assisting his fellow professionals with their games as much as he did refining his own. He discovered that golf instruction gave him the perfect blend of those values he was taught as a youngster: a passion for the game, and a desire to help others play better golf.

After personally assisting David Leadbetter with such players as Charles Howell III, Trevor Immelman, and Julieta Granada, Matthew spent two years serving as Director of Instruction for the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Irvine. Today, Matt is a Senior Certified Golf Instructor at our PGA National location in West Palm Beach.

Golf instruction with Matt Hilton

When he’s not coaching other players, Matt can occasionally be found sharing his golf tips online. In this example, he explains how to prevent your mind from wandering when you’re playing golf.

Matt and the other golf instructors at the Leadbetter Golf Academy can help you learn how to play better golf.

Instructing at the following academies:
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida