I’m an avid golfer and an exercise enthusiast. My search for the best possible game has led me to seek instructions from numerous, well known, swing coaches, yet there seemed to something missing in my preparation. Either I couldn’t maintain the suggested positions, or I didn’t have the strength nor the endurance to complete the swing. Was it the coach, was it me? What wasn’t sticking? It was that search for better that led me to the Gray Institute in 2012. At that time Nike Golf and Gray Institute joined forces and created a golf performance program known then as NG360. Since then NG360 has transformed to become an even more robust program now known as Gray Institute Functional Golf System (FGS). Driven by the principles of what Gray Institute calls Applied Functional Science FGS is the unique and powerful physical assessment and golf specific conditioning program designed to enhance a golfer’s ability to unlock all of his or her individual talents.

Completing NG360 simply scratched the surface of my curiosity. Once introduced to the principles of AFS and Chain Reaction Biomechanics I pursued a deeper understanding of human function and enrolled in the Gray Institute’s 40-week mentorship program named GIFT. Known worldwide, it is an extensive educational journey into how the human body performs functionally.

Both the FGS and GIFT allow the movement practitioner to individualize each person’s training. My clients appreciate the uniqueness of their personalized enhancement programs. With goals of better Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power and Endurance, my clients enjoy performing the movements/exercises because the simulate the golf swing. If we’re training for golf our movements should be golf like!