Originally from the North of France, Nicolas Chavain started golf at the age of 17. From a family of sportsmen and rather involved in football, he discovered this sport in high school where he participated in his 1st French championship (UNSS). Thanks to several internships in David Leadbetter academies, a dedicated coach and a great passion, he quickly joined the team of his club and participated in many championships of France and grand prix. 

After a year as a trainer, he decided to pursue a career in golf and joined the International Academy of Golf Professions in Montpellier Massane. Following this training, he embarked on the European Tour as a cadet with Sébastien Delagrange (former student of the David Leadbetter Academy in Montpellier). Working at the same time in a golf course as a sports manager, he continues to caddy several French players on the European Tour (Anthony Snobeck, Julien Forêt, Benoît Telleria…) thus allowing to refine his knowledge. 

Years spent with players on professional circuits have allowed him to meet great coaches. His meeting with Alain Alberti, who has run the academies for over 20 years and coach of professional and amateur players including Raphael Jacquelin, made him realize the importance of passing his teaching diploma in order to pass on his experience. But a question quickly arises to him: How to teach? His choice quickly turned to the David Leadbetter method that Alain Alberti and Nicolas Armand transmitted to him.

Instructing at the following academies:
Le Cap d’Agde, France