During his years of competition, Paul was a student in high school or college or was working full-time. “It wasn’t always easy to make the work-golf lifestyle balance out, but I was happy.”  With golf as an avocation, Paul progressed in his profession as a hospital administrator.  “Most of the guys I competed with were in college or just recently out, so I was the true amateur, the guy who was working.”  This was a different lifestyle, lining up vacation days with tournaments in order to play six to ten local, state and national level amateur events each year.  Paul qualified as a medalist for his state amateur championship and subsequently played in six state championships, finished top 10 in the state open championship, and was ranked in the state’s top 20 amateur and professional players.

Prior to earning certification as a Leadbetter Golf Instructor, Paul was not just an amateur player but was an organizer and advocate. He directed pro-am golf tournaments, officiated at state qualifiers, participated on golf club committees, attended USGA rules seminars, mentored junior golfers, coached high school golf teams, worked with a golf club manufacturing company, and was co-founder of the America’s Heroes Golf Program for military veterans.

“I have dreamt about being a professional golfer, so this is an exciting time for me.  I loved every minute of my first career, and now I am very grateful to my coaches, mentors, and the whole Leadbetter community for helping me reach this moment.”  Paul completed full certification as a Leadbetter Instructor in 2021.  He also earned Leadbetter (LGA) Kids Coach Certification, Certification as a U.S. Kids Golf Coach, Positive Coaching Alliance Certification, and PGA ADM Coach Certification.

Having studied under some of the best in the industry, he offers personalized golf instruction.  Paul embraces the 3-Ps as the foundation of teaching swing fundamentals and instills the importance of honesty, integrity and respect for the game.  Coach Paul works with students on golf swing fundamentals, golf rules and etiquette, course management and mental skills.  Setting goals and practice plans, and evaluating progress is a cornerstone of working with Coach Paul.

“Coaching and instructing is enlivening and challenging.  It is always a pleasure to help golfers improve and to teach practical methods of reaching their golf goals.  I know that patience, perseverance, and commitment to continuous improvement are critical to my growth as a coach and golf instructor.”