Book Your Simulator Session

Welcome Reunion members! Here is where you’ll book your session at either our Golfzon TwoVision simulator or our Golfzon GDR simulator. Please take a moment to read about the key differences between the two simulators before making your decision.

Golfzon Twovision

Our Golfzon TwoVision simulator is for a realistic playing experience, just like actually being on the course. Located at the Nicklaus Clubhouse where the old fitness center used to be. For groups of up to 6 players.

Golfzon GDR

Our Golfzon GDR is for game improvement, practice, and/or lessons. Single person use. Located down at the Golfzon Leadbetter Academy.

Please Watch This Tutorial First. ->

PLEASE NOTE: Twovision bookings are on the LEFT and GDR bookings are on the RIGHT.