How to Organize Your Golf Bag Like a Pro – Our Tips + Tricks

How To Organize Your Golf Bag Like A Pro

Having a well-organized golf bag can make a big difference in your game. A clutter-free and strategically arranged golf bag not only streamlines your game but keeps your head clear of distractions on the course. In today’s post, we’re jumping into the “art” (we know it’s a stretch) of setting up and organizing your golf bag. We’ll cover everything from club arrangements to essential accessories. Let’s do it. (Oh, and if you want to learn how to clean your clubs like a pro too, check out this post).

How To Setup Your Golf Bag

A common golf bag will consist of 14 (usually) separate compartments designed to separate your clubs and protect them. Additionally, there are pockets for accessories such as golf balls, tees, gloves, and valuables (more on this later).

Callaway 14 Cart Bag

An efficiently organized golf bag comes down to one pretty simple factor: how you choose to arrange your clubs. Of course, everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to golf bag setup, but there is a general hierarchy that is pretty commonplace:

  1. Woods on top.
  2. Irons below
  3. Wedges on the bottom
  4. Keep your putter separate

How To Organize Your Golf Clubs In Your Bag

Now that we’ve discussed the proper way to set up your golf bag, let’s get into how to organize your golf clubs in your bag. The image below is our preferred method, but that doesn’t mean that you need to adhere to it identically.

How to organize golf clubs in a bag
Callaway ORG 14 Cart Bag

Golf club placement in your bag matters. It’s really the whole point of organizing your golf bag in the first place.

  1. Woods on top. Your woods are the most delicate clubs in your bag due to their club-head material and graphite shafts. In order to avoid any damage to your clubs, put your woods at the top of your bag so that your other clubs aren’t hitting them. ALWAYS use head covers.
  2. Follow your woods with your long irons (hybrid can be included here was well) and place them in order of longest to shortest (4,5,6).
  3. Next up are your mid-irons. Same thing here; longest to shortest (7,8,9) and your pitching wedge. (Your pitching wedge is not a mid-iron by any means, but placing it here frees up a compartment on the bottom row for your putter.)
  4. Finally, your wedges (longest to shortest) and your putter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have more than 14 clubs in my golf bag?

If you have more than 14 clubs in your bag, you’ll have to “double-stuff” some of your compartments which will wear down your grips over time. If you can eliminate any unnecessary clubs, we would recommend doing so.

How many dividers should my golf bag have?

A standard cart bag will have 14 separate compartments for your golf clubs. Carry bags will typically have less. Usually 4 or 5 larger compartments for your clubs.

Should I organize my golf clubs by type or brand?

By type, yes. As we mentioned above: Keep your woods together, long irons together, mid-irons, etc. If you have multiple club brands in your golf bag, how you choose to organize those is up to you.

Organizing The Rest Of Your Golf Bag

How to set up the rest of your golf bag

Okay, with how to organize your golf clubs in your bag covered, let’s move on to the rest of your bag. If you are anything like us then your pockets are full of trash, balls, tees, water bottles, cans, club cleaners, ball markers, change, and quite literally anything else that’s not supposed to be there. Let’s get it cleaned up:

  1. Tees: Find a small pocket on your bag and utilize it for tees. Make sure to keep your glove out of this pocket to avoid damage.
  2. Golf balls: On most golf bags you’ll find a decently sized pouch on the front of the bag towards the bottom. We recommend using this for balls as it has the space, and it’s conveniently located.
  3. Apparel: Use the longer pockets on the side of your bag for spare clothes, etc.
  4. Some bags will have a pocket with extra padding or even a hard shell – this is for electronics. Range finders, speakers, etc.


A well-organized golf bag is not only a practical asset but also a tool to keep your head free of distractions on the course. By following our simple tips and strategies, you can set up your golf bag to enhance your playing experience and maximize your performance on the course. So, take a few minutes before your next round to get things tidy, and enjoy a clear mind on the course.

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