Golf Practice at Home Made Easy: 6 Golf Drills For Home Practice

Golf practice at home made easy: 6 golf drills for home practice

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to hit the golf course regularly can be a challenge. We get it, we wish we could be on the course every hour of every day. But fear not! You can improve your game right from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned pro wanting to refine your skills, practicing golf at home is the perfect solution. In this guide, we’ll explore 6 effective golf drills that you can easily incorporate into your home practice routine. Let’s do it.

How to practice putting at home

Let’s start with putting. If you’re lucky enough to be able to do it, building a backyard putting green is undoubtedly the best way to get better putting at home. Lucky for you, we’ve already written the ultimate step-by-step guide to building a DIY backyard putting green. You can check it out here. But if that’s not an option for you, we’ve got you covered too:

1. The quarter cup

One of the simplest ways to practice golf at home in our opinion. Or I guess we should say the simplest ways to practice putting at home. Grab a quarter, and toss it onto the ground. This is now your target. (A rug or carpet will probably be your best bet here if you don’t own a putting mat) Back up to about 10 or so feet and try to roll the ball onto the quarter. This is a great visual drill. If you can roll a golf ball onto a quarter, you can certainly roll one into the cup.

The quarter cup is a great approach to golf practice at home

2. Straight back & Straight through

Another quick and simple way to practice putting at home is the “straight back & straight through”. All you need to do here is grab an alignment stick (or another club) and place it flat on the ground. Line up as you normally would to hit a putt, and just work on keeping the putter head on a straight parallel line to the alignment rod or shaft. 15 or so minutes of this a day will make a positive impact next time you’re out on the greens.

The straight back and straight through drill is an easy way to practice golf at home

How to practice chipping at home

When it comes to practicing golf at home- it’s much easier to practice your short game as it doesn’t require a dedicated space where you’re able to swing fully & freely. (we will talk about how to practice your swing at home though so stay tuned). With this being said, lets get into how to how to practice chipping at home.

3. low point drill

According to Master Leadbetter Instructor Robin Symes one of the most important elements of becoming a better chipper is making proper contact. To practice this at home, simply place a quarter one fist’s length behind a golf ball. Take your swing and don’t hit the quarter. This will train you to properly hit down on the ball.

4. CHIPPING NET drills

Chipping nets are one of the best ways to improve your short-game skills AND they’re super affordable. Robin Symes says the key to improving your chipping at home is to “improve your ability to hit your landing spot”. Chipping nets do just that by providing you with a target. Additionally, Robin also suggests taking a handful of golf balls and dispersing them randomly throughout your yard so that you become consistent from different yardages.

How to practice your golf swing at home

Practicing golf at home can prove to be a bit of a challenge unless you have a dedicated space that allows you to swing your full swing freely. If you’re like most of us, extra space is a rare commodity. Especially extra space with enough square footage to take a full golf swing. Not to fret, we’ve got you covered either way:

5. train tracks

Firstly, for the vast majority of us who don’t have space – a training tool like Izzo True-Spin Practice Balls are the way to go. These foam balls allow you to still take your full swing outdoors or indoors and still get true feedback without breaking your OR your neighbor’s windows. Okay, now onto the drill: “Train tracks” is the most common way to use alignment sticks. First, place an alignment stick pointed at your target. Next, place an alignment stick in a straight line parallel to your feet and your target stick. The alignment rods serve as visual feedback tools, allowing you to instantly see if you’re swinging off of your intended path. This immediate feedback helps you make adjustments on the spot, reinforcing muscle memory and improving your overall technique more rapidly. To get your takeaway and swing path even further dialed in check out our founder David Leadbetter’s latest invention here.

6. Arial Impact Drill

Brought to you by our very own Director of Instruction Sean Hogan. This drill is designed to improve your impact position and can be done both indoors and out. Luck for you, we just so happen to have a video of Sean explaining how this drill should be done. Check it out below.


Practicing golf at home whenever you have a few spare minutes is a great way to stay sharp off the course, and will lead to better performance when you’re back on the course. So give these few drills a try and let us know what you think!

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