2023 Global Teaching Summit

January 22nd / 23rd 2023 (PGA Show Week)


Education and improving ourselves is the culture David Leadbetter has laid in stone from his first Academy; it’s what separates us and will continue to do so in the years to come.

With this in mind join us for our 2023 teaching Conference.  We have a fantastic lineup of speakers providing an educational event to get all our 2023 seasons started on the right foot!  The speakers make up a perfect blend of World-class instructors in all areas of the game, and industry-leading experts in the technology that will be shaping our coaching in the coming years.


David Leadbetter – Founder

No Introduction is needed! David will host a Q&A session, allowing attendees to ask questions important to them and understand how David would solve the issues they have daily on the lesson tee.  A once in a lifetime opportunity for any coach seeking to learn and improve their ability to help others.



James Ridyard – Short Game Specialist  

When James is not researching the art and science of Short Game, he is generally working with elite players or coaching on one of the major professional tours. James isn’t one to shy away from sharing his information and will present to the group his technical theories and how he teaches a variety of shots around the green.



Stephen Sweeney – PGA Tour Putting Coach 

Attendees will get time with Stephen, a putting coach to 3 of the 25 players in the world.  The core of his presentation will be based on;

– How to develop a practice plan versus how to develop a performance plan without any technology, just basic training aids.

– Understanding the key fundamentals between a straight put and a breaking putt and why all putts are not created equally.



Dr. Bob Winters – Sports Psychologist

“Understanding the GANDALF Effect” In this entertaining and uniquely “J.R.R. Tolkien” seminar, Dr. Bob Winters will highlight the importance of clearly understanding our worldwide audience by focusing on the primary needs, wants and desires of a student’s mindset when they are communicating to you their goals and aspirations of their lesson.  Via an applied demonstration of a student describing their Pre-Shot Routine, Dr. Winters will assist the audience to understand the nuances of context, semantics, and interpretive logic when dealing with students of different languages, cultures, golfing vernacular and habitual familiarity to derive meaning to attain the goal-driven behavior that is consistent with the end-game of teacher and student.

Upon completion of this presentation, the attendee will understand the value of using clarification and probing techniques to reveal the underpinnings of what a student is thinking / feeling and how to be able to interpret it correctly and administer the appropriate swing strategy that resonates with their existing base of golf knowledge.


Biomechanics & Tech

Christoph Pregizer – PuttView Co-Founder

Christoph has been fortunate enough to observe and learn how the world’s best players and coaches use PuttView to increase their performance on the green. Christoph is always excited to share these learnings with new and existing users of the visual and interactive putting solution made in Germany – to make putting practice more engaging, more effective, and more joyful for players of every skill level.


JJ Rivet – Biomechanist

Based on scientific methods and over twenty years of experience, JJ has been a proven force on the PGA Tour and other major sporting circuits worldwide. This year JJ will present to attendees the Biomecaforce® system, a dual force plate created by JJ to understand the most critical factor of the Optimization of a golf swing. Attendees will be able to try and learn in small group settings and spend quality time with JJ.



Jee Hae Lee – Sportsbox CEO

Jeehae, a former LPGA player, is a golf industry executive who has worked to create and build transformational sports technology businesses. During the summit, Jee Hae will present on:

– Sportsbox 3DGolf and 3DPractice intro and demo

– Coaching with 3D best practices: for business and better coaching

– Practicing with Sportsbox best practices


Sameer Sawhney – Upgame Co-Founder

Upgame is the leading data intelligence and tracking app in golf. The app makes data collection and analysis fast and cohesive via its map-based interface and unique metrics like dispersion in relation to targets, not just actual flags. The app is being used by 70% of national federations globally, 100+ college teams, top academies, and Tour winners. Sameer Sawhney, Founder and CEO will be presenting:

– Case studies on how Tour players use data and stats to analyze their game

– Case studies on how Tour players have used the stats to plan strategy



Summit Schedule


8:30am Registration
Patio outside the main door

8:45am Welcome
Ben Riches CEO
David’s Tee

9am James Ridyard
Group Presentation
David’s Tee

10am Stephen Sweeney
Group Presentation
David’s Tee

Small group settings with each speaker
James Ridyard / Stephen Sweeny / Sameer Sawhney / Christoph Pregizer / JJ Rivet

12pm – Lunch

1pm – 5pm
Small group settings with each speaker
James Ridyard / Stephen Sweeney / Sameer Sawhney / Christoph Pregizer / JJ Rivet


9am – Dr Bob Winters
Group Presentation
David’s Tee

10am – Jee Hae Lee
Group Presentation
David’s Tee

11am – David Leadbetter
Question & Answer

1pm – Lunch

3pm – 9 Holes
Shot Gun start

please note this is a proposed schedule and may change before the event