Full-Time Junior Golf Academy

99% of LJGA Graduates Go On To Play College Golf. Will You Be Next?

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Full-Time Program

The Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy (LJGA) in Reunion, FL opened its doors in 2017  to an expansive campus that caters to every aspect of golf instruction and provides unparalleled world-class education and golf instruction for junior golfers. Our full-time junior golf program offers both boarding and non-boarding options and is based on a dynamic schedule of education, golf instruction, fitness and social learning.

Junior Golf Program highlights include:

  • Individualized development programs with an unrivaled 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • Train alongside tour players in a premiere learning environment
  • World-class golf training facilities featuring the latest in golf instruction technology
  • Fitness training, nutritional education, & mental conditioning
  • Access to U.S. junior golf tours, including the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA)
  • Premium, international education at Windermere Preparatory School
  • Top-tier college placement program and exposure to top college coaches
  • Full visa service available for international students

What You Can Expect

A typical day at our junior golf academy is an exciting and comprehensive experience for your child that provides structure and growth. The day begins with an early morning warm-up session, where juniors engage in stretching exercises and tailored fitness regimes. Next, it’s off to class at Florida’s premiere Windermere Preparatory School, followed by lunch and transportation to the Academy where either individual or group training begins.

Students will spend several hours on-course each week playing and simulating tournament situations on the three premiere golf courses available at Reunion Resort and Golf Club. The day concludes with a debriefing session, during which coaches provide feedback and set goals for the upcoming days. Our junior golf program offers a structured and immersive environment that nurtures talent, instills discipline, and fosters a love for the game.

Top-Tier College Golf Placement Program

99% of our Junior golf program students go on to play collegiate golf. Golfzon Leadbetter Academy maintains strong connections with collegiate golf programs, professional tours, and industry leaders, providing students with avenues to explore scholarships, collegiate golf opportunities, and potential career paths within the golf industry.



World-Class Education

LJGA has partnered with Windermere Preparatory School, part of the globally renowned Nord Anglia education group, to deliver award-winning education in a premium, international environment. Windermere Prep offers MIT-approved curricula for sciencemusic programs from Julliard and more and is located just 20 minutes from LJGA campus.

Additional information is available on the Windermere Prep website.




Golfzon Leadbetter Academy’s luxurious student housing creates an exclusive community of like-minded individuals. Students share a passion for golf, fostering a supportive and motivating atmosphere where they can interact, collaborate, and build lasting friendships. The camaraderie within this close-knit community often extends beyond the golf course, promoting well-rounded social and personal growth for students.

Recognizing the importance of balancing academics with golf training, student housing incorporates dedicated spaces for studying and collaboration. These areas are equipped with modern technology and resources, allowing students to excel academically while pursuing their passion for golf. Student housing is supervised 24/7 with live in “parents”.



Interested In Our Industry Leading Junior Golf Academy?

If you are interested in learning more about the program please call (407)787-3330 or click the button below and a member of our team will be in touch. Thank you for your interest in the Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy and we look forward to speaking with you.

LJGA Coaches

Chema Sánchez

Senior Instructor

Zach Parker

Zach Parker

Senior Instructor

David Louys-Moroney

Senior Instructor

Nate Dougherty

Lead Golf Coach for LJGA

Grant Renegar

Lead Coach for Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy

Trevor Hypolite

Trevor Hypolite

Fitness & Performance Specialist

Dr. Robert K. Winters

Sports Psychologist