Francois van Rensburg is a former professional golfer and coach from South Africa. Having grown up in South Africa and played on the local tour there, he also worked with renowned coach Moose Gammon. Whilst based in South Africa he spent two years working at one of the country’s top academies in Johannesburg, BDGA Golf Academy, where he worked with amateurs, juniors and aspiring professionals. Whilst coaching in South Africa he has also had the opportunity to work and learn from Hendrick Burhmann (former Asian and European Tour player) and Martin du Toit. Francois began his teaching career at LGA Royale Jakarta, where he acquired his Leadbetter certification. Dedicated to giving back to his country, Francois has returned to South Africa with the opening of the Leadbetter Golf Academy Parys where he serves as the Director of Golf and Leadbetter Instruction.

Instructing at the following academies:
Parys, South Africa