Jean Jacques Rivet, a former competitive athlete, and engineer, is a world-renowned trailblazer in biomechanics applied to sport. Based on scientific methods and with over twenty years of experience, J.J. has been a proven force on the PGA Tour and other major sporting circuits worldwide, including windsurfing, motor racing, motorcycle and rugby. Rivet is currently based at The Biomecaswing Sports Performance Center in Terre Blache Resort in beautiful Côte d’Azur, France, home of the European Tour Performance Institute, where Rivet works with coaches and his staff to define programming to help elite players maximize their efficiency.

Career Achievements

  • Head of Performance and Biomechanics department of the European Tour Performance Institute in Terre Blache, France
  • Has worked a biomechanist for French National Golf teams last 7 years
  • Leads the Under Armour innovation department for Europe, contributing to the highly innovative clothing brand, including footwear and the recent launch of the UA Spieth 3 golf shoe.
    • In years past, J.J. Rivet has also collaborated with the likes of Taylormade and SIDAS
  • Author of Leadbetter Golf University “Applied Biomechanics- Foundation” Course
  • Trained a collection of Tour professionals including Justin Rose, Rafael Cabrera Bello, Matteo Manassero, Sean Cocker, Ian Poulter, Oliver Wilson, and more
  • Founder of Biomecaswing concept
  • 2, Associate Researcher Institute of Sciences of the Movement E.J. Marey (University of the Mediterranean-Marseille) teaches applied biomechanics as part of the Master of Sports Engineering’s framework.


Rivet has created two innovative concepts: biomecaswing and biomecasport. Both concepts combine applied biomechanics with the understanding of sport gesture, and the latest advancements in sports technology and engineering. Biomecaswing is a concept that J.J. Rivet created specifically for golf and was the first-ever biomechanical screening seen in the golf industry.

Biomecaswing was created in 1995 while working in the U.S. with a big team of European players and David Leadbetter. Leadbetter encouraged J.J. to design a process to enable coaches to understand how the body works, each one different than the next. After David found success in Rivet’s young process, Rivet began developing and conceptualizing the Biomecaswing, to be available for everyone.

Instructing at the following academies:
Golfzon Leadbetter Academy HQ at Reunion