Loïc Reyno is a 37-year-old DLGA teacher who started golfing in his home region of southwest France 27 years ago. 

At the age of 15, he reached a sufficient level to be selected and join the Espoir pole of the C.R.E.P.S of Toulouse. His level of play, and his state of mind, caught the eye of Dominique Barquez, Golf Professor at the Palmola club, renowned nationally, for managing two of the best French players of the 2000s. 

This club allowed him to reach his best amateur level and in 2002 and 2003 he won the famous Gounouilhou competition (1st National Division). 

In 2007, he decided to embark on the 1st-degree teacher diploma, which he obtained in September 2009 and start a teaching career at Pont Royal golf course. 

Following the opening in September 2008 of a Leadbetter Academy, he confirmed his teaching skills and developed his skills thanks to the means given by the Leadbetter Academy and its experienced leaders. 

In 2011 he took charge of the Pont Royal golf school. Passionate about passing on his experiences to the youngest, through high-level amateur competition, he takes charge of the club’s young teams and the 1st team, which he leads from 4 divisions in 6 years. 

In 2020, he made his golf coaching and golf school manager experience available to teach golfers of all skill levels. He is interested in new technologies of swing analysis and masters them, and trains high-level players (best player 175th at WAGR), as well as golf novices eager to learn and progress. He communicates, transmits with passion, and is constantly concerned with the understanding of his teachings and the progress of his students. 

Loïc Reyno, a trusted trainer, will be able to put you within your reach so that you can get the most out of your goals.


Instructing at the following academies:
Pont Royal, France