Describe your role at LJGA?
My role at Leadbetter is to use my golf expertise and life experiences to help students identify their goals, to ensure they have access to all the resources they need to achieve those goals, and to assist them in any way along their journey.

What are your favorite parts about your job?
One of my favorite parts about my job is helping students with their technique. This is one of my areas of expertise and it is generally the easiest part of my job. Another favorite part of my job is watching the students set and achieve their goals. Sometimes it takes a lot of time or multiple attempts, but our students are resilient and ultimately, they achieve their goals.

How did you get started in golf?
My dad used to take me and my brother golfing when we were very young. During the summers, he would drop us off at the golf course on his way to work in the morning and pick us up on his way home from work in the evening.

Why do you love the game of golf?
From my perspective now as a coach or a spectator, I love (well played) golf for the focus it demands and for the resilience it rewards. I also love competition in general, and I feel that it brings out a person’s best effort while providing the truest measure of someone’s character and ability.

Instructing at the following academies:
Golfzon Leadbetter Academy HQ at Reunion