Junior Golf Instructor – Orlando, Florida

Zach Parker is passionate about evolving the way golfers are coached and pushing the industry forward. He is a Golf Digest Top Young Teacher (2018-2019), a published author, and has coached some of the best juniors in the world for over a decade. He is passionate about understanding human performance on and off the golf course and has realized that a learning mindset is critical, and that mindset is a by-product of the environment. To best help golfers, coaches, and parents shatter any limiting beliefs, he cultivates the optimal environment for all.

Zach specializes in long-term athletic development. He has extensive knowledge of the golf swing and has developed golf training programs that combine golf swing mechanics, physical competencies and effective practice. These programs are currently used by a number of DI NCAA golfers, elite level junior golfers, and professional players, worldwide.

Past Experience:

  • Director of Golf, Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy
  • Director of Golf, Bishops Gate Golf Academy
  • GravityFit Consultant to College Teams, PGA & LPGA Tour players
  • Golf Digest “Best Young Teacher” 2018-2019
  • Game Like Training Advisory Board Member
  • Author of “How to Practice Golf”
  • Coached students who have received scholarships to the following colleges: Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, New Mexico, Washington, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Baylor, University of South Florida, South Carolina, Wake Forest, and countless more
  • Coached members of the following international teams: Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Switzerland, France, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, England, Slovakia, Trinidad & Tobago Germany
Instructing at the following academies:
Golfzon Leadbetter Academy HQ at Reunion