The Best Kids Golf Programs Come to Orlando, Florida in 2019

The Leadbetter Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida hosted their annual Leadbetter Kids Golf Day over the weekend which turned out to be an enormous success. Within hours of announcing the event, all age groups reached capacity. Leadbetter Kids Golf Day brought in kids ages 4-12 from the greater Orlando area to help grow the love of the game.

The kids had a blast at the event – playing in numerous team building games like follow the leader, incorporating balance and agility, learning how to hold a golf club and successfully hit a golf ball at a target.

Leadbetter Kids is excited to be bringing the best kids golf programming to Orlando this Spring, starting with their Spring Kickoff Series.

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Benefits of Kids Golf

We’re beginning to see a rise in kids playing golf throughout the world. With Leadbetter Kids is already established in various locations throughout China, the programming has allowed kids of all ages to learn how to speak, and present, in English, develop hand-eye coordination and meet new friends. In China, Leadbetter Kids has already seen a 100% return in the kids that signed up for the Leadbetter Kids Level 1 Series that went on to register for the Level 2 Series.

David Leadbetter’s Thoughts On Kids Golf

Kids golf encourages kids to live a healthy, active lifestyle at a young age. Not only does the sport help produce self-motivated children, but it teaches them the skills they need to become future champions in golf and life. The programming allows kids to learn integrity, work ethic, and teamwork skills all while having fun and playing a sport with new friends.

David Leadbetter often says, “golf is a game for life”. He believes that kids golf will allow children to learning hand-eye coordination, honesty, integrity, and help develop techniques that easily translate to other sports as well such as tennis.

Join Leadbetter Kids This Spring

This Spring, Leadbetter Kids is launching the year-long programming designed for kids of all ages and abilities. If you’d like to learn more or sign up for our Spring Series, click here.

We look forward to continuing David Leadbetter’s goal of growing the love of the game, worldwide. Helping develop kids golf in continents like China and North America, Leadbetter Kids will soon be a program to be reckoned with.

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