The Evian Resort Golf Club Academy was designed by a team of specialists (designers, players, champions and pros) to quite simply reinvent the way to play golf.

 The Evian Resort is proud to welcome the David Leadbetter Academy, on an incredible natural 37-acre site between the lake and mountains, where all the subtleties of a golf course and every possible experience that it can bring, are packed in this unique place devoted to golf. This is the only one of its kind at which to train, improve one’s game or just have fun.

 Since 2020, The Lake Course is the Evian Resort Golf Club’s all-new second course located at the Academy. With 6 par-3s and a total length of 885 metres (968 yards), it offers a real alternative to the 18-hole course which each year hosts The Amundi Evian Championship.

 Nestling in outstanding surroundings with breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, both beginners and experienced golfers can indulge in their passion in under 90 minutes. Designed by architect Dave Sampson and named “The Lake Course”, it is technically challenging with tee boxes locations suited to all abilities and top-quality greens.

 Services :

  • TrackMan Range
  • TopTracer Range
  • Big Tilt Pro XL
  • 10 modules on grass
  • 6 training modules that reproduce the situations found on a real course.
  • One 6-hole course offering 3 levels of difficulty enabling all golfers, beginners through to experienced players, to rapidly put their progress to the test in a real-game situation.
  • Club regrip, maintenance and repair services, all year round.
  • Access to lessons and golf programmes at the Leadbetter Instruction Certified Academy.

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