The Leadbetter Golf Academy in Japan is centrally located at the exclusive Ranzan Country Club, in Kanto, close to downtown Tokyo. The Club has a superb 18-hole golf course surrounded by natural woods and flora, together with luxurious clubhouse facilities.

Staffed with world-class golf instructors, Akira Kurokawa, Akihiro Ishida and Shintaro Masai, the LGA at Ranzan offers a variety of programs suitable for players of all skill levels and ages on the 6,811 yard, 18-hole championship course. You’ll also find an authorized master club fitter ready to outfit you with the perfect gear, as well as the other top-notch amenities you’d expect at a Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Nearby, the spectacular metropolis of Tokyo will enchant and amaze you with its stunning cityscape, and keep you occupied with an infinite number of activities. Whether you immerse yourself in the local culture, take in a sporting event, explore the vibrant nightlife or meander through one of the beautiful national parks, your visit to one of the world’s top financial centers will be unforgettable.

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