“What Golf Ball Should I Use?” Choosing the Perfect Golf Ball.

Understanding Your Golf Game

Before diving into the world of golf ball selection and answering the question of “What Golf Ball Should I Use?”, it’s essential to evaluate your golf game honestly. Your skill level, swing speed, and specific needs on the course will heavily influence the type of golf ball that suits you best.

Factors to Consider:

1. Swing Speed

Your swing speed plays a pivotal role in determining the what kind of golf ball you should use. Generally, golf balls are categorized into three main groups based on swing speed:


  • Low Swing Speed (Less than 85 mph): If your swing speed is on the lower end of the spectrum, opt for a softer, low-compression golf ball. These balls can help maximize distance and reduce spin.

Wilson Duo Soft 2023

Taylormade Soft Response

Mizuno RB566


  • Medium Swing Speed (85-104 mph): Golfers with a moderate swing speed should consider a golf ball that offers a balanced blend of distance and control. A mid-compression ball often works well.

Kirkland Signature (urethane)

Taylormade Tour Response

Srixon Q Star


  • High Swing Speed (Over 105 mph): Golfers with a high swing speed require a high-compression golf ball that can withstand the force of their swing. These balls offer more control and reduced spin.

Titleist ProV1

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

Taylormade TP5


2. Skill Level

Your golfing proficiency is another critical factor in determining what the best golf ball for you is. Beginners might prioritize distance and forgiveness, while more experienced golfers may prioritize control and feel. The best golf ball for you will change along with your skill level.

3. Course Conditions

Consider the typical conditions of the courses you play on. Are they soft and lush or firm and fast? This can affect the amount of spin you need from your golf ball.

Types of Golf Balls:

Now that you have a better understanding of your golf game, let’s explore how the various types of golf balls available can help answer the question “What golf ball should I use?”

1. Distance Golf Balls

If you’re primarily looking to maximize your distance off the tee, distance golf balls are a great choice. These balls are designed to reduce drag and increase ball speed, allowing you to hit longer drives.

Srixon Distance

Titleist Velocity

2. Control Golf Balls

For golfers who prioritize accuracy and control, control golf balls offer exceptional feel and spin control. They are often favored by low-handicap players.

Titleist ProV1

3. Soft Golf Balls

Soft golf balls are known for their exceptional feel and are preferred by golfers who want precise control over their shots, especially around the greens.

Wilson Duo Soft 2023

Taylormade Soft Response

Mizuno RB566

4. Two-Piece vs. Multi-Piece Golf Balls

Two-piece golf balls are typically more durable and provide distance, making them suitable for beginners. Multi-piece golf balls offer more spin and control, ideal for advanced players.

So What Golf Ball Should You Use?

Ultimately, the best golf ball for you will depend on your unique preferences and needs on the course. Here are some recommendations based on common golfer profiles:

  1. Beginners: If you’re just starting, a two-piece distance golf ball can help you get the most out of your shots while forgiving mishits.
  2. Intermediate Players: If you have a moderate swing speed and are looking for a balance of distance and control, consider a mid-compression golf ball.
  3. Advanced Golfers: High-swing-speed players and those seeking precise control may want to opt for a multi-piece golf ball that matches their swing characteristics.
  4. Budget-conscious Golfers: If you’re on a budget, there are excellent golf ball options available that provide good performance without breaking the bank.

In the quest to improve your golf game, choosing the right golf ball is a vital step. By understanding your swing speed, skill level, and course conditions, you can narrow down the options and find the best golf ball for you. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “What golf ball should I use?” The perfect golf ball for you is the one that complements your game and helps you achieve your on-course goals. So, get out there, experiment, and enjoy the journey of finding the right golf ball for you.

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