SENIOR Instructor – New Jersey

Tom fell in love with the game of golf the minute he hit his first shot at age 14 and was immediately hooked. From that moment on he knew the game would have to be a major part of his life forever.

While playing in college, Tom found his true passion for golf was instruction when he took a summer job at the David Glenz Golf Academy in 2002, becoming a full-time instructor after graduating from Wilkes University in 2005. Tom was fortunate to put his true passion of helping people enjoy our wonderful game more into practice as the Director of Junior Programs at the David Glenz Golf Academy from 2005 to 2010.

After spending countless hours working on his own game as well as at the art of golf instruction, Tom joined David Leadbetter and his elite staff of Instructors at LGA Crystal Springs and achieved Leadbetter Instructor status in 2011. Since then, Tom has spent a tremendous amount of time assisting David Leadbetter as well as Leadbetter Master Instructor Sean Hogan with players of all abilities including PGA and LPGA Tour players, while also helping his own students achieve their golfing goals.

Tom is a firm believer that for one to achieve their potential they must maintain structurally sound fundamentals, avoid any mental and physical conflicts, and maintain whatever efficient practice schedule that best suits them based on the time they have. Tom feels each individual’s golf swing is unique, and strives to take his core beliefs and help players find what works best for them now and forever. To do this, Tom does all he can to help students understand their swing so they may self-correct.

Tom takes a great deal of pride in helping players of all levels achieve their goals. Whether those goals are getting the ball airborne, earning a college scholarship, winning a tournament or club championship, Tom has helped his players achieve them!

Tom is currently a Leadbetter Senior Instructor and Director of Instruction at the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Crystal Springs, Leadbetter’s Northeast Headquarters.

Instructing at the following academies:
Crystal Springs, New Jersey